Buying a property abroad can be done for a number of reasons, you might be looking for a home, a place to spend your holidays or you might even be looking to invest and rent it out. Your reason for buying the property might alter what country you buy a property in but if you’re open to suggestion here’s a look at five countries that a currently ideal for purchasing property.


A country that is currently on trend, Portugal is laid-back and most cities give you the holiday sensation while you stay in them. densely populated cities such as Lisbon and Porto are very affordable to invest in and the country is described as Europe’s very own Caribbean giving you even more incentive if you’re looking to move away or purchase a holiday home.

Best Places to Buy a Property Abroad


Post-Brexit has seen this country become a really trendy place to invest. Over the past year, Spain has had much more interest from the UK and the demand to buy a property has returned to how it was a few years ago. With amazing all year-round weather, affordable properties all over the country and a comfortable lifestyle, Spain offers an ample amount of cities to buy a property.

Best Places to Buy a Property Abroad


France is a top choice because of the varied locations you can purchase. With the southern coasts, chic cities and mountain ranges being ideal locations for holiday homes, even outside of the iconic city of Paris, France has a lot to offer potential buyers.

Best Places to Buy a Property Abroad


Tourism is absolutely booming in Croatia, and the country is now a hotspot location for movies, TV shows and celebrities. For those wanting to rent out the property, this is currently an on-trend place to consider. Croatia caters for the majority of holidaymakers with sun, sea, history and affordable prices to enjoy an overall holiday experience. As the country and some cities are new to the limelight, their value in property hasn’t fully increased and even though renting will work differently, it’s worth investigating places like Split and Dubronik to see if this is the place for you.

Best Places to Buy a Property Abroad


Although Cyprus has gone through a difficult time over the past 6 years, support has been provided and it turns out it wasn’t as bad as predicted. Cyprus provides you with plenty of sun and cheap flights, and while the country has struggled, there has also been a significant decline in the price of homes, so now is a great time to buy. With over 60,000 British people living in Cyprus permanently, it’s an ideal place to move to as the language barrier is minimal and the legal system is similar to the UK, so speaking to commercial property management company for example might help to give you context before you investigate the option further.

Best Places to Buy a Property Abroad

There will likely be a country or city you naturally gravitate too, but some places tend to be highly priced and if this is more of a business opportunity, it’s best to look the other way and find somewhere that coming into the limelight and is still reasonably priced.