Koh Rong is the second largest island in Cambodia. It’s famous for its serene beauty and warm azure seas. Many tourists describe Koh Rong as a “little island” boasting of pristine white sandy beaches and amazing tropical weather. If you are looking for a place to visit in Koh Rong, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. The island has plenty of sites to see and activities to do.

To get to this former fishing village turned holiday destination, you will take a speed boat from Sihanoukville town. The trip takes roughly 45 minutes as using the road is not an option. Koh rong is relatively underdeveloped with literally no roads, no cars and no traffic. Below is a highlight of some of the best places to visit in Koh Rong;

High Point Adventure Park

Koh Rong is a beautiful island and while most tourists view if from the ground, there is nothing as fascinating as having the aerial view. The view above allows one to see things that they might have missed on the ground. High Point Adventure Park was created to take advantage of this. The architects and designers chose twenty one stout trees and constructed a total of twenty five platforms. . The platforms are connected with a web of ladders and cables making a route of 400 meters. There are various stages to the course including suspension bridges, walking wires, ropewalkers and finally the zip lines.

Best Sites To Visit In Koh Rong Island
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The adventure park admits almost everyone as long as you are fit and free of disease. Weight and height shouldn’t deter one from this exercise. Equipment and safety guidelines are given at the site before one starts to zip line.

Long Beach

Long beach is one of the finest beaches located on the west side of Koh Rong. As the name suggests, it’s a 7kms stretch of amazing white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water and plenty of coconut trees lining the shores of the ocean. To get to Long Beach, you can choose to walk through the jungle from Koh Toch beach or take the long tail boats from Koh Toch. There are restaurants and cafes so the beach doesn’t run short of cocktails and bitings. Sun-seekers can spend the whole day sunbathing and swimming and travel back to their accommodation in the evening.

Best Sites To Visit In Koh Rong Island

Koh Toch Beach

Koh Toch is the main tourist area of Koh Rong Island. If you are a die-hard reveler, this is the place to be. This place has a reputation of being a party destination; however, there are some quiet, serene areas for families with children. Koh Toch is relatively developed as compared to other areas of Koh Rong with some shopping mart, money exchange services and a doctor’s clinic. The beach is full of restaurants, bars, cafés and accommodation. Koh Toch is easily accessible using the ferry from Sihanoukville town.

Best Sites To Visit In Koh Rong Island

Coconut Beach

Coconut beach is a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach on the south western end of Koh Rong. The nearby village, Daem Thkov is ten minutes away. There are plenty of bungalows and resorts with the most famous being Koh Rong resort. The beach offers a simple and tranquil view of the sea. At the coconut beach bungalows, guests can enjoy a number of activities such as fishing and hiking.

Best Sites To Visit In Koh Rong Island

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Nature Beach

Nature beach is a private and secluded beach located south-east side of Koh Rong. This beach is for those who appreciate spectacular views and quiet environment. It is accessible by taxi boats from Koh Toch. The main place to stay at Nature beach is Romdoul Koh Rong that offers camping options or staying at the bungalows. There are a number of activities to partake such as snorkeling and deep sea diving.

Best Sites To Visit In Koh Rong Island

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