Solo travel doesn’t have to mean loneliness. No matter where I go, I find a new pleasure, absorb some new things, and meet awesome new friends. I think that this is a blessing that not many people have, and the more I travel, the more I feel blessed.

For many years, I have visited many wonderlands of the world. Among them, Vietnam and Cambodia impress me most. These two nations offer me so many mysteries to discover. Journeying from the natural to man-made wonders, Vietnam Cambodia tours will beguile all solo travelers even the hardest one!

1. Hoi An – The hundreds-year town in Central Vietnam

Sitting on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hoian is widely known for the diverse, colorful culture and peaceful, quiet pace of life. Hoian allures people with ancient mossy roofs which inspired by the style of Chinese ancient shophouses, the French colonial buildings, the romantic river lit up by the colorful light of hundreds flower lanterns, the lush water coconut villages, and the An Bang Beach full of the wild wind and tropical sunlight.

Top 5 Places for solo travelers in Vietnam and Cambodia

This ancient city is extremely safe for solo travelers. You will never feel lonely here. Wake up to the sounds of bells from the trishaws, then you will stroll around the ancient street, stop for an amazing picture with flower lanterns and Bougainvillea pergolas, try various tasty local cuisine, cruise along the river to visit the local hamlets. If you love something more energetic, let’s experience to be a farmer and fisher one day. You will learn how to ride a water buffalo, water the veggies in the fresh herb garden, try the Vietnamese traditional fishing techniques when you use the nest to catch fish, etc. Don’t miss the chance of watching the “crazy” basket boat dance.

2. Sapa, Vietnam – The City in the Cloud

Located on Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, 3143 meters above the sea level, Sapa features the chilly weather and majestic hill tribes.  Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities, diverse cultures as well as spectacular rice terraces, which make it a perfect destination for solo travelers. No matter how many days you spend here, 3 days, 5 days, even 2 weeks, Sapa has enough interesting things to discover.

Top 5 Places for solo travelers in Vietnam and Cambodia

You can weave around the city and explore the Catholic Church built by the French hundreds years ago, take a sip of hot coffee or ride a motorbike to Silver Falls and Muong Hoa Village. If you love trekking, visit Lech Giao, Lech Mong, Nam Sai, Nam Cam Village. While the center city and some nearby villages are too crowded and spoiled by worldwide tourists, those villages I mentioned above still remain its untouched and pristine beauty. If you seek adventure, why not conquer the summit of Fansipan. You also can rent a motorbike and head to Y Ty and Muong Hum Village to chase the clouds, shoot panoramic photos to capture the moment which last for a lifetime

3. Ninh Thuan – The most beautiful hidden city in Vietnam

Unlike any other kinds of travelers, solo travelers often roam without any destination in mind. We stop wherever we like. I rented a motorbike in Danang, Vietnam and started my discovery of Central Vietnam – the land of many hidden treasures. I passed over many famous tourist attractions and stopped in Ninh Thuan. You know, I fell in love with this city at the first sight.

Ninh Thuan possess spectacular mountains and sparkling ocean, and is rich in culture, wildlife, and the local hospitality.

Top 5 Places for solo travelers in Vietnam and Cambodia

How lucky I was, I set foot on Ninh Thuan in August – the most beautiful time to visit it. From August to October is the season of rip grapes and Champa Festival. You can also travel to Ninh Thuan in the summer (from April to July) which is the best time for beach activities.

The most interesting way to discover Ninh Thuan is riding a motorbike along the streets bordering the white shores to enjoy the wild wind and the warm sunlight of the tropical monsoon climate. You should visit Po Klong GaraiCham Temple which was built in the 13th century and is considered as the most well-preserved Cham Towers in existence today. If you’re a big fan of ocean, don’t hesitate to visit Ninh Chu, Hang Rai, Binh Tien, and especially Vinh Hy Bay. Thanks to the peaceful atmosphere like an ink painting, Vinh Hy Bay is an ideal beach gateway. Here, you can discover the surprisingly beautiful coral reefs on a glass-bottom boat, go diving or surfing, immerse yourself in the pure warm water or journey to the peace with a yoga session in the nearby high-end resort.

4. Mai Chau – The rural retreat in North Vietnam

If you really want to leave all the hustle and bustle behind, a short trip to idyllic Mai Chau is the great choice for you. Surrounded by the green rice paddy fields, Mai Chau offers a world away from the noise and congestion of nearby Hanoi. During my trip to Mai Chau, I spent almost all of my time trekking to remote villages and mountain cycling. Mai Chau is home to White Thai People who are always willing to welcome you to join their traditional dance performance and the communal drinking. When it comes to overnight in Mai Chau, choose to stay in the stilt house of a local family where you can see, breath, taste, experience, and live the authentic way of life in the community.

Top 5 Places for solo travelers in Vietnam and Cambodia

5. Siem Reap – The Gateway to the Ruins of Angkor

Being the seat of Khmer Kingdom from the 9th to 15th century, Siem Reap is jewel of Southeast Asia. The contemporary Siem Reap is a heaven for solo travelers during their trip to Indochina. This city is affordable, full with man-made wonders and fascinating temples, easy-going, and offers great street food and beers.

Top 5 Places for solo travelers in Vietnam and Cambodia

Siem Reap is home to more than 1000 temples of many shapes and sizes. Among them, Angkor Wat is the largest one which has the significant cultural, religious and symbolic values. Once visiting Angkor Wat, you shouldn’t miss chances to admire the sunset and the sunrise. You can enjoy a bird-eye view of the entire Angkor Complex from a hot air balloon.

In addition to the ancient temple, massive smiling faces peering out into eternity, the giant trees growing out of the ruins, from Siem Reap you can also visit the floating markets. The most famous one is Kampong Phluk settling on the Tonle Sap Lake – the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

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