Like any other sport, in surfing also your equipment i.e the surfer must be carefully chosen. Remember there are no right or wrong surfboards only the one that suits your age and level of expertise the best.

Therefore, it is very important to pick the right surfboard for yourself. For this, it is important that you do thorough research and learn how to buy the right surfboard. Considering the wide variety of surfboards that are available in the market, buying one could be a very overwhelming experience.

Hence, we are listing down some really amazing surfboards that are perfect for beginners.

How to choose the right board for beginners?

First of all, it is very important to understand that as a beginner your chances of colliding and slips are very prominent. Therefore, you must try to control the urge of buying the most recent, expensive model and instead settle for something that is off-shelf but decent in quality.

Best Surfboard For Beginner in 2021

As you progress in your skill, you can go for a more expensive one. Now having discussed that, let us quickly find out about the best beginner surfboard.

For choosing the right surfboard, it is important to first know the different types of boards. For ease of understanding, we have divided the boards based on the material they are made up of and the size.

Surf Boards Based on Material

On the basis of the material, surfboards can be divided into soft top, wooden, polyurethane, and epoxy. Out of all these surfboards, epoxy and soft-top are considered to be the best for beginners. Others, i.e wooden and polyurethane are comparatively very heavy and can make the manoeuvre inside water tough for beginners.

On the other hand, epoxy and soft top surfboards are light in weight and can be easily moved in the water. The epoxy surfboard has an upper hand between the two as it is more environment friendly and lasts long whereas the soft top surfboards are not that durable.

Best Surfboard For Beginner in 2021

However, the soft top boards are cheaper and require very low maintenance. They do not even need regular waxing. The light weight of the boards facilitates the beginners to catch the small waves with ease.

Gone are the days when soft-top surfboards were of inferior quality. They have evolved to become very close to the poly and epoxy boards in functionality.

Best Soft-Top Surfboard for Beginners

The best soft top surfboard in the market at present is JJF By Pyzel. It is designed by John John Florence – a two-time world title winner and one of the best surfers of the current generation, and John Pyzel – one of the most respected shapers on the planet.

Best Surfboard For Beginner in 2021

JJF is one of the modern-day soft-top surfboards that is as stylish as it is durable. It comes in three sizes of 7,8, and 9 ft. to fit all kinds of surfers. The deck and rails are covered with soft EVA skin that prevents damages in case of collisions.

Best Epoxy Surferboard for Beginners

Currently, the best epoxy surfboard in the market is the Surftech Robert August Surfboard. It is 9ft long and wider and longer than most epoxy boards. The deck is very spongy that will give you ample grip and also prevent any injuries.

Best Surfboard For Beginner in 2021

It too has a soft EVA covering that extends over the rails which prevent damage in case of accidents. It is 22.5in wide by 3.2in thick which is a suitable volume for beginners to catch on small waves easily.

Surf Board Based on Size

On the basis of size, the boards can be divided as shortboard, fish, longboard, funboard, and gun board. While shortboards and gun boards are exclusively for experienced surfers, all the other types can be used by beginners. However, you should try out funboard only after you have learned the basics and feel ready to move on to the next level.

Ideally, longboards and fish are great for beginners. Both these boards have a wider base which makes it easy for a surfer to balance his body. A bigger surface area means longer surfing time. Longboards are the easiest to paddle, most stable, and catch the most waves and hence most suitable for newbie surfers. The usual size of a longboard is 9 ft.

Fish surfboards, as the name suggests, have a fish-like notched tail. It is not very long but has a wider and thicker base for more volume.

Best Fish Surfboard for Beginners

Our pick for the best fish surfboard for entry-level players is the Softech Mason Twin surfboard. The board is 5ft 6 long and gives you a good volume under your chest for easy paddling into waves. Its well-shaped rails and fish-tail, twin fin design enable you to accelerate quickly as you move forward.

Best Surfboard For Beginner in 2021

Best Long Surfboard for Beginners

The best long surfboard for beginners is definitely Boardworks Froth Softtop Surfboard

Unlike the standard model, this Softop version has a soft and spongey deck. It provides a cushion and prevents scraping of the knee in case you fall.

Best Surfboard For Beginner in 2021

The surfboard has a good grip and doesn’t need to be waxed like a regular board. It also has an Eva covering that prevents damage in case of a collision. The base is finished with Surftech’s Tuflite epoxy construction which is renowned for being massively ding resistant too.