If you’re considering taking your family on a long road trip this fall, you should definitely consider visiting Brooklyn. While often overlooked, Brooklyn has become a hotbed of art, culture, festivities, and exquisite dining over the years. It’s easily accessible, more residential, and has much more open green space to explore than the rest of NYC. The charming and diverse borough is found east of the East River. Anyone who finds themselves wanting to escape the hectic life of Manhattan and uncover the real, gritty, authentic NYC can just hop over to Brooklyn. Whether you’re an art-lover, beer-drinker, nature enthusiast, diehard foodie, or history buff, let’s go through some of the best things to do in Brooklyn this fall that’ll make your trip to The Big Apple one to remember.

Locations that host some of the best things to do in Brooklyn this fall

Before we jump into suggestions, we will separate the list of activities to do in Brooklyn during the fall season into two categories – locations and their activities and events in the fall of 2022.

#1 Coney Island – A fun family afternoon

Coney Island has for years been considered New York City’s playground. While it did have a rough patch of a few years of neglect, the arrival of the Luna Park amusement park restored the area’s popularity. Today, Coney Island has become one of the top New York beaches that offers a range of fun activities for the whole family. Coney Island has something to offer everyone, from movie nights to concerts and the wild Mermaid Parade. Hundreds of thousands of people visit this place throughout the year, so why wouldn’t you visit it in the fall?

Best Things to do in Brooklyn This Fall

#2 Prospect Park – Picnic surrounded by foliage

The variety of amenities that Prospect Park has to offer makes this one of the best all-day outdoor experiences in Brooklyn. Therefore, pack your picnic gear because The Long Meadow and Nethermead offer plenty of space to pull up on a patch of grass. Here you can have a romantic picnic date or indulge in intelligent discourse with your friends while breathing fresh air.

Best Things to do in Brooklyn This Fall

The woodland expanse of the Ravine is a towering forest within bustling Brooklyn. You can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the colorful fall foliage while taking a long relaxing walk.

If you’re traveling with kids, you can also enjoy some of the park’s kid-friendly offerings. The most popular choices are the zoo and LeFrak Center at Lakeside, where you can roller skate and ice skate, depending on what part of the fall season you decide to come.

#3 House Of Yes – A delight meant for adults

The House of Yes was established in 2016 in the Bushwick neighborhood. After its grand opening, the place quickly established itself as a way for Brooklyn domestics and visitors to wear crazy costumes and forget all of their inhibitions just about every weekend.

Suppose you’re someone who’s grown tired of spending your weekends with a drink in hand at a boring bar. In that case, this is absolutely one of the best things to do in Brooklyn this fall.

There are exhibitionist parties like “House of Love” and immersive “Little Cinema” film tributes. Not to mention various performers, including aerialists, magicians, DJs, and dancers. The House of Yes is the place to be this fall season in Brooklyn if you are an adult.

#4 The Brooklyn Promenade – A relaxing sunset on the skyline

The Brooklyn Promenade is the perfect place to enjoy a panoramic view of everything the city has to offer. It is a one-third-mile stretch of pavement along the East River and a favorite destination for residents and tourists alike. It’s also the perfect place for couples to have a romantic evening while taking in the breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty.

Best Things to do in Brooklyn This Fall

Experts from U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn have noticed a significant rise in the number of people moving to the Brooklyn Heights neighborhoods. So, if you end up falling in love with the peaceful, beautiful promenade and wish to move to it, you can be sure you’re not the only one.

#5 Brooklyn Flea Market – A modern-day treasure hunt

When visiting New York, checking out an outdoor bazaar is a must. The Brooklyn Flea is one of the most popular flea markets. This market has everything. The comeback of vintage fashion has influenced the popularity of this place. Here you’ll find an impressive selection of throwback wares and records. Most of which you wouldn’t find in any vintage clothing store or record store in the city. Furthermore, make sure to pack lightly if you’re visiting this place because, once you start shopping, it’ll be hard to stop and have overfilled bags fast.

Best Things to do in Brooklyn This Fall

There are two locations. The Williamsburg location has the most fantastic food selection. One of the city’s best food fairs – Smorgasburg – occurs here. Smorgasburg is an open-air food market. It is open every Saturday, April through October, and offers a wide variety of food from over 100 vendors.

Events in Brooklyn you shouldn’t miss this fall

And now, here are some events happening in Brooklyn this fall you should visit if you’ve got the time. The best part is there is something for everyone to enjoy.

#1 The Brooklyn Book Festival

The Brooklyn Book Festival is an annual book fair held in the fall in Brooklyn, New York. The main activities of the festival are:

  • Themed readings,
  • Panel discussions,
  • Vendors,
  • Author signings.

In the past couple of years, the book festival expanded to accommodate children’s literary-themed events like book readings, parties, stand-up shows, and other performances.

Best Things to do in Brooklyn This Fall

#2 Atlantic Antic

The Atlantic Antic is a street festival held yearly on Atlantic Avenue in, you guessed it, Brooklyn! It is run and produced by the Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation (AALDC). The festival features a variety of attractions. From food and craft stands to booths representing small businesses and local nonprofits, live music, and other forms of entertainment. It can get crowded, however, so make sure you practice safety. In 2009, over a million people were estimated to have attended.

#3 Polish Heritage Celebration

The Polish heritage celebration is happening this year in the Brooklyn Borough Hall. As the name implies, it is a chance to explore and celebrate Polish culture, tradition, and heritage.

Best Things to do in Brooklyn This Fall

This festival will also give you a chance to embrace Polish heritage by trying some of its many delicious delicacies. Try Golonka if you’re a fan of pork. You should try bigos, a hearty meat dish, sauerkraut, and cabbage. And, of course, there’s always the classic pierogi (the Polish version of a dumpling).

#4 BAM Next Wave Festival

For more than 150 years, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) has been the home for adventurous artists, audiences, and ideas. They engage in both global and local communities. And this year, they are once again hosting the annual Next Wave Festival. This festival showcases creative dance, theater, film, and literature from around the world.

The festival is very long. For that reason, people generally come to Brooklyn at different times during these months only to be part of the festivities they are interested in. It’s common practice for people from nearby cities or states to find a place where they can store necessities (a change of clothes and some toiletries), which will wait for them every time they come. If you’re in this situation and are looking for cheap storage options, you shouldn’t worry. There are plenty of budget-friendly options in the area.

Final thoughts

Brooklyn is beautiful in the fall, and the activities usually find themselves. However, if you want to ensure that you are traveling right, you do have to do some research in advance. Try picking up many tips and tricks from online blogs, forums, and friends’ experiences. Remember that the best things to do in Brooklyn this fall are things that you will enjoy being a part of.