Giving your bedroom a little bit of a makeover is always a fun project to set yourself. But often it is easy for your windows to get overlooked in the process. As a major feature of a home, your windows affect how much light enters the room as well as your privacy. So, it is only fair that they are given a little love, too, and fitting some attractive shutters in your bedrooms is an excellent way of doing this.

Shutter styles

It is important to consider what type of shutter could work well in your bedroom. For example, a café style shutter that only covers half the window wouldn’t be the best fit, as it leaves some of the window exposed allowing light to filter through in the morning and wake you up. Café styles work best in the kitchen or the living room. Whereas a full-height shutter either solid or louvered, is a far better choice for the bedroom, offering you the privacy and light control needed.

Choosing Bedroom Shutters


We all want to keep an element of privacy throughout our home, and by choosing a set of shutters it is incredibly easy to maintain your privacy simply by adjusting the slats to any angle you prefer. This allows a little light to enter your room while preventing people out on the street from seeing in.

Choosing Bedroom Shutters

Light and noise

An important element any bedroom needs is to be able to remain quiet and dark when you want to sleep; nobody wants to be disturbed by an annoying streetlight or passing cars in the middle of the night. Choosing quality wooden bedroom shutters will make a noticeable difference to the amount of light and noise entering your bedroom. Made to measure shutters fit your windows perfectly so that there is no chance of any unwanted light getting through. The use of quality materials also means that much external noise is cancelled out, allowing you to rest easy.

Choosing Bedroom Shutters


Temperature can adversely affect the quality of sleep, from too hot to too cold it can be difficult to get the temperature just right. Louvered shutters are especially effective during the hot summer months. Opening the windows and angling the slats slightly can let air flow through to cool you down enough to help you sleep. Whereas in the winter they act as a second barrier against the window, stopping chilly drafts from getting in or heat from escaping.

Choosing Bedroom Shutters

Window shapes

America is a big country, with a lot of different styles of houses, and windows. It is quite common for unusual window shapes to feature in the bedroom, especially in loft conversions, where, for example,  you might find a circular window. It might seem impossible to find a window treatment to fit, curtains are a no, and blinds can just look weird. But shutters work perfectly! Offered in a range of shapes and styles, designed to fit your window exactly, there isn’t a window they won’t look great on.

Choosing Bedroom Shutters


Shutters are super easy to keep clean and take care of, as all they really require is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth, and they stay looking as good as new for years after installation. For those who suffer badly from allergies, the ease of keeping shutters clean reduces dust build up, and in turn can help reduce the effect of your allergies. That is particularly useful in the bedroom, with less chance of your allergies keeping you up at night – great during the spring pollen season.

Choosing Bedroom Shutters

Shutters are an attractive piece of home décor that can bring so many benefits to your bedroom, not only do they benefit the quality and length of your sleep they also look amazing in the home working well with any style of home décor.