Why go abroad when your own country is filled with beautiful colourful destinations? Enjoy the colours of India by visiting few of these places for your next exploring trip. Walk through fields filled with gorgeous flowers and capture all the memories. Check out our list and start planning your itinerary.

The Calm colours of Nainital

The lake district of India sparkles with stunning colours. The city is beautified with lakes where you can enjoy boat and yacht sails. The Naini Lake reflects back and is a paradise for those who love photography. This destination is a treat for your eyes. If you visit the Naini Lake during the winters, then you will surely not leave this place ever.

French Colonies in Pondicherry

If you want to see what French heritage was back in time, then Pondicherry is where you should go. The charming old school buildings and street will give you a calm feel. If you cannot afford to go for a trip to France, then simple head to Pondicherry to enjoy a little taste of the French culture.

Colourful Places in India to See

The vibe of Mcleod Ganj

Get out of the hustle bustle of the city and head to the meditative and stunning McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh. You will see the skyline filled with colours, beautiful hills and white fluffy clouds. During the monsoons, you will see tons of rainbows that will astonish you.

Colourful Places in India to See

Romantic Pink City, Jaipur

In 1876, Maharaja had decided to paint the city pink since the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria were making a visit to Jaipur. Ever since that time, the city retains the colour of hospitality, and it is a compulsion for the citizens to make sure to paint their homes pink or hues of pink. When you see this view from a distance, you will be nothing but in awe.

Colourful Places in India to See

The Valley of Flower in Satara

This UNESCO World Heritage Biodiversity Site is one of the loveliest plateaus you will see in India. It is a carpet of around 850 different species of flowers post the monsoon season. A walk in the plateau and you will want to settle down here forever. And the best thing is there is no pollution or human interference since vehicles are not allowed on the plateau. So visit the Kaas Plateau of Flowers in Maharashtra soon!

Colourful Places in India to See

Colours of flowers in the Valley, Uttarakhand

Another Valley of Flowers is a gift of nature to India in Uttarakhand. The national park is adorned with blooms of different colours and species. The scent of the flowers is strong enough to pull you towards it. The lush greenery and flowers greet you at this exquisite place in Uttarakhand.

Colourful Places in India to See

These were just few colourful and stunning places to see in India. So start exploring and reserve your train tickets and book food in train services for your long journey.


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