The roof of our house is something we can take for granted not realizing that there are several options when choosing one. Besides a variety of architectural designs, different material is used for different roofs, some being more durable than others.

We’ve chosen 5 roof types and what to consider before you decide which one you want.

Gable roof

You can easily spot this type of roof and recognize its triangular shape. It’s a popular and classic choice for many. Their design is simple enough and like a triangle, it has two side slopes for water or snow shed. It provides more height in an attic if you have one. Gable can be open gable or a box cable. A gable roof can be covered with almost any kind of roof covering material such as: asphalt shingles, concrete, or metal. The roof is affordable, but can cause problems in areas prone to high winds or hurricanes and would need extra support and braces.

Common Roof Types And Which Ones Work Best For You

Hip roof

A hip roof is similar to a gable roof having a pyramid shaped top, but it has slopes on all four sides, making it more stable than two-sided slopes. Their design is more complex than gables, making them more costly but still reasonable. Houses and buildings in warm climate countries and hot summers, like Australia, can benefit from hip roofs because their raised height keeps the indoors cooler. There is a range of options for local residents there interested in this rooftop and others.

Common Roof Types And Which Ones Work Best For You

Curved roof

If you’re looking for a more modern twist, or curve in this case, you could opt for a curved one. They give a modern look and actually make the indoors of your home cooler. They can go from slightly curved to arches, and the cost can depend on how much curve you want.

Common Roof Types And Which Ones Work Best For You

Flat roof

As the name suggests, the roof is pretty flat, but actually not, because they have a slight pitch for draining water. But water ponds can occur after heavy rains, so it’s not that recommended if your area is prone to heavy rains. The advantage of a flat one is that the roof can have multi-purposes. You can use it as an extended area to sit, or use it for various planting beds. They also provide more space for water tanks, or if you want to use solar paneling.

Common Roof Types And Which Ones Work Best For You

Skillion roof

If you want a minimalist design in a roof, consider this roof which only has one steep slope. They are also called mono-pitched or shed roofs. The look is modern, but they can get pricey. Yet the cost is also determined by other factors such as the roofing material to be used.

Common Roof Types And Which Ones Work Best For You

Assess the overall look of exterior

You will prefer one roof type over another, but that doesn’t mean it will suit the overall exterior look of your home, office or building. If your house has an older colonial exterior style, a curved roof, for example, will probably not suit it. There are several other choices that you must ponder upon to achieve the perfect roof that will be the talk of the neighborhood.