Just because you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast doesn’t mean you have to “unplug,” so to speak. There are plenty of benefits to keeping great gear and gadgets with you on the trail, on the water, or at your campsite. Make sure you’re connected when you venture into the great outdoors by picking up a few of these cool outdoor gadgets for 2015.

Durable Smartphones

Few people leave home without their smartphone, especially for outdoor adventures where GPS and a built-in camera sure come in handy. But few smartphones are built to withstand the rough conditions in the outside world.

Cool Outdoor Gadgets 2015

Image by Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

If you love spending time in nature and exploring your surroundings, you’ll need a durable phone with a reliable network, like the Galaxy S6 Edge. With this phone, the unique curved display offers enhanced contrast and brightness, which is perfect for seeing your screen well in sunlight or in shade. Meanwhile, a unibody aluminum chassis offers added durability for accidental falls and bumps. It also boasts a long battery life which is great for extended hikes, camping excursions, and other outdoor adventures where recharging isn’t an option. Features like these are sure to make your time outdoors a bit more tech-friendly.

Bluetooth Gloves

When heading out in colder temps, it can be downright maddening when you have to retrieve one of your devices. It takes time and planning to bundle up in a way that keeps you warm, so removing layers to answer your phone can have you shivering in seconds.

To remedy this issue, invest in a pair of Bluetooth gloves. Outdoor apparel companies like Beartek have developed gloves that keep you warm and toasty as well as connected. Buttons are included in the gloves so you can control your devices at the tap of a finger. It allows you to answer calls, control your music, and perform other tasks with wireless and Bluetooth technology. Forget about freezing your fingers to grab your phone from a pocket. With these gloves, you’ll stay connected without exposing your skin or your devices to the cold.

GPS Watch

When exploring the great outdoors, safety comes first. That’s why GPS has become a must-have for outdoor adventurers who like to tackle new terrain. However, older GPS models are often clunky and inconvenient to carry around, plus they take up too much space for performing just one function.

Cool Outdoor Gadgets 2015

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In 2015, a GPS watch makes it much easier to get around without being weighed down. For example, the Garmin Quantix takes hands-free navigation to a whole new level. This waterproof watch includes an advanced navigation system that can be preloaded with routes and used to mark waypoints along your path. Though it works on land, it’s been optimized for activities on the water, so you can also use the watch to stream and view water depth, wind speed, and other important data. A compass, barometer, altimeter, and thermometer are built in, and it can even connect wirelessly to heart rate monitors and smartphones.

In-Shoe Sensors

Injuries on the trail are often unexpected, even though they typically develop over long distances rather than from sudden accidents. Shoe sensors have been around for some time, but newer models are making it easier to get instant feedback that can help prevent those types of injuries.

Cool Outdoor Gadgets 2015

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For example, Altra has developed its Halo shoes to provide the best and fastest data for hikers, runners, and other outdoor explorers. A tiny sensor system is built into the sole to measure various factors affecting your movement, including cadence, foot strike, and ground force impact. That data is linked to either your phone or a tech-savvy watch to get you real-time feedback on your gait. This is essential not only for improving running times and hike distances but also for avoiding potential injuries that could have you stranded indoors, which is something no outdoor enthusiast wants.

Keep connected, safe, and healthy during your outdoor excursions with these types of durable outdoor gadgets. Since they’ve been designed with outdoor activities in mind, they’re sure to last through many more adventures than your typical tech gear.