How many times has happened to you that you packed everything, headed somewhere blissfully and a tiny mishap or overlook sends you back home or to a repair shop? I guess many of you are nodding in agreement. Even if it doesn’t occur that often to you, it sure is annoying when it happens. To evade these masterfully and stay sane along the way, stay tuned for the selection of pro tips for flawless road trip organization.

Where to and How

A good way to start is to ask yourself first where you would really like to go. Comprise a list of places you wish to visit. Go through it to get a refined list with the viable destinations. Decide on how long the trip will last as time management is crucial for the working bunch.  Print a map, or two, maybe three, in case you lose the other two. Mark the places and roads for easier navigation. GPS is cool but paper needs no batteries. If you are travelling with someone, it is advisable you reach an agreement with them on pretty much everything. You don’t want a nagging bunch behind your back, right?

Preparing for Your Road Trip – Checklist

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Hit the internet to gather relevant info on prices and offer, as well as to explore the sightseeing potential of your route.  Calculate the budget but take some extra money, just in case. Nevertheless, look for ways to save some dollars where possible, because that means more cash for fun stuff. Take gas and food into consideration as two major money drainers. Book the places on time, especially at the season high, as they may be fully packed when you need them. Also, respect the traffic rules and speed limits. Research shows that the driving within speed limit burns less fuel than aggressive and fast driving. Not to mention you’d want to avoid being pulled over and paying for tickets.

Preparing for Your Road Trip – Checklist

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Loosen up

Check the weather before you hit the road, but bear in mind the time of the year. Don’t be taken aback if snow sneaks up in winter time, or if it rains profusely in the summer or fall. Planning on the side, don’t be too strict on yourself and others. Keep an open mind about swerving here and there off the road. You may employ the time to seek an unexpected adventure, or use the extra time in schedule to overcome traffic standstill and similar road shenanigans.

Preparing for Your Road Trip – Checklist

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Check list

It all depends on preferences, but you will definitely need some clean clothes and an additional pair of underwear. You may want to bring some warmer clothes for a colder climate, or just to be safe. Here are some other items you may decide to bring. Personal: soap, deodorant, toothbrush, medication, comfy shoes, glasses. Food and related items: cooler, caffeinated drinks to keep you awake, energy bars, plenty of water and some hard-to-spoil food to make fewer stops on the way. Lastly, don’t forget to bring the camera!

Preparing for Your Road Trip – Checklist

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Prepare your ride

You definitely want to check up your vehicle before leaving home. Conduct a general inspection, change oil. Check your tires too. If you need replacement, in this era of technology and easy access, you can simply get them online and not move a muscle. Well, maybe a few. Pack efficiently, as you don’t want to burden your car and slow it down so. Throw in the essentials and work from there, if there’s room left.

Preparing for Your Road Trip – Checklist

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Tips and tricks

If you are travelling with kids, you definitely want to plan the ways to keep them occupied, and to bring items to attend to their special needs. Bring their favorite CDs and books. Think about the games you can play on the road: I Spy, 20 questions, cards, Would you rather?, etc. Another thing to have in mind is making a start early in the day to exploit the daylight.

Preparing for Your Road Trip – Checklist

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No stress, more fun

Make a solid plan, but don’t be a control freak. Bring enough money, still, think of ways to save up some. Get your vehicle in the prime condition. Attend to your fellow passengers – communicate, don’t fight. And don’t forget to have fun and store lots of memories, digital or otherwise.

Preparing for Your Road Trip – Checklist

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