What is it that they say, Paris is always a good idea? Well, the French are very good with style and when it comes to interiors they have classy and elegance mastered to a T. So how do they always get it so right? And how can we master that effortless Parisian style just like them? Whatever French style look you are going for take a look below at our styling secrets on how to create your Parisian inspired bedroom.

Neutral colour palette

You need an uncomplicated colour palette for this style of bedroom as it will balance out your space and make it look fresh. You should put together colours that will complement each other so that they work well together and don’t clash. Whites, light greys and beige are you go to colours as they create that calm atmosphere that you want.

How to Create a Parisian Inspired Bedroom

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Farrow & Ball have got a great out article introducing you to neutral colours.

Antique furniture

The French have a huge appreciation for all things antique. Get yourself an antique mirror with signs of age on it, a book case or wardrobe with scuffs, scratches and bits of missing paint can bring a sense of history to a room. Grab yourself a vintage desk covered with coffee stains and water rings adding that bit of character to your bedroom.

How to Create a Parisian Inspired Bedroom

Photo by Pursley Dixon Architecture

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Go for gold

Glamour, a major function when it comes to Parisian interiors and adding that touch of gold is often the icing on the cake. Get yourself a gold frame and hang it above your bed or a gold framed mirror propped up against the wall. To finish it off, get yourself a bed side table and paint the legs a gold colour to match. Remember to go for an antique gold though, nothing too bright and shiny.

How to Create a Parisian Inspired Bedroom

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A bouquet of flowers is the perfect accessory for a Parisian room but don’t go too over the top with your arrangements and don’t go crazy with the colour mixture. Stock up on single stems like roses or hydrangea for the perfect choice of flower.

How to Create a Parisian Inspired Bedroom

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Drapes / Pillows / Bedding

No Parisian inspired bedroom is complete without luscious curtains and bedding. Silk is usually the material of choice but linen will be just as beautiful and elegant. Try and find material with pleat detailing and if you are dying for some bold colour in your bedroom then this is the place to do it.

How to Create a Parisian Inspired Bedroom

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Take a look at Pinterest for some great Paris bedding ideas.With everything from beautiful antiques to rich textiles and lots of global interest, you can create your Parisian style bedroom with no problems.