Shopping for a new bed can be a daunting task with so many different options and styles available, but it seems that many of us have already decided that a platform bed will work for them.

When you look at something like the Novela Cordovan platform bed, you can see why more of us are ditching the box spring option and choosing the style, comfort and functionality that a platform bed can bring your bedroom.

Modern design

It was not that long ago that the box spring was considered an integral part of the mattress system and helped keep everything at the right height whilst absorbing shock at the same time.

Modern design features and improved construction methods for beds now mean that the platform bed is more than capable of competing with the box spring and can comfortably provide the level of shock absorption that is at the very least, equal to its counterpart.

Minus the Box Spring: The Positive Perks of Platform Beds

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Everything you need

The curved slats that you find in platform beds have not only enough shock absorption to cope admirably, but the open slats also allow your mattress to have a better level of ventilation as well.

Some people have been turned off platform bed in the past because they think they have to be lower to the ground that they want, but all you need is the right bed frame to achieve the desired height level.

If you like to use a memory foam mattress, the good news is that a platform bed performs better than a box spring one on this count, so it really does seem to have everything you could need and want for in a bed.

Minus the Box Spring: The Positive Perks of Platform Beds

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Storage options

If you are used to storing things away under your bed, you might be worried that a platform bed is going to make you give up some valuable storage space.

You can avoid this issue by choosing a Captain’s bed, which is a style of platform bed that has hide-away storage and pull-out drawers incorporated into the bed frame design. You also choose a platform bed that offers you the option of lifting the mattress and storing the items in the space underneath.

You can get platform beds that sit low to the ground and have a contemporary feel and look about you them or you could choose one that sits higher above the ground, so you don’t lose your storage options.

Minus the Box Spring: The Positive Perks of Platform Beds

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Cost saving

Another big plus point with a platform bed when compared to a box spring, is that you will probably spend less money buying one for your home.

The cost of a typical bed will involve paying for a bed frame, a rail system that sits on the floor, a mattress and a box spring. All this can add up to a hefty bill, whereas a platform bed already has a foundation in either the form of a slat or solid panel system.

Minus the Box Spring: The Positive Perks of Platform Beds

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So get yourself a platform bed and a mattress and you are done, giving you a great looking bed that is comfortable and more than likely cost you less than a box spring version.

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