If you’ve been spending the majority of your time inside rather than traveling as you usually would, why not create your ideal home environment? It’s wonderfully enjoyable and liberating to make a living space where you are surrounded by colors that support your mental well-being.

Repainting your walls with calming colors can help create a more peaceful, nurturing vibe throughout your whole house. You might underestimate how color can revamp a space and create a more relaxing home base if you don’t realize the power of color theory. The colors around you on a daily basis influence your mood and emotions more than you realize.

There are science-backed reasons why some colors are more soothing than others. Once you start paying attention to how certain color schemes make you feel, you’ll start realizing that the principles of color psychology are true. You can reinvent your living space with a relatively inexpensive, low-effort interior painting project. When was the last time you repainted your walls? If you’re in desperate need of a paint refresh, you’re in luck.

Custom Post for Your Amazing Places Calming Colors to Make Your Home A Zen Space

If you’re dubious that changing the colors of your walls can influence your mindset, consider the concept of color theory. In a nutshell, it’s the theory that humans have a somewhat similar, common interpretation of colors and their inherent, subconscious meanings. By taking note of the different qualities of various color families, you can tap into the subliminal power of color theory and its impact on the brain.

Try using your knowledge of the principles of color theory/psychology and give your home a calming vibe with some fresh coats of paint. Many living rooms and bedrooms are neutrals because they are nurturing and grounding colors. After all, most colors that create a relaxing home base are less saturated and more neutral. Changing the colors of your walls from time to time is just as important as keeping any other element of your home design fresh. Here are some examples of calming color groups:

  • Pink: Joyous, bright, elevating, and positive.
  • Purple: Spiritual, authentic, confident, and regal.
  • Beige/Brown: Welcoming, warm, nurturing, and grounding.
  • Gray: Comforting, relaxing, peaceful, and reliable.
  • Blue: Refreshing, soothing, clearing, and fluid.
  • Green: Balancing, uplifting, reassuring, and expansive.

Custom Post for Your Amazing Places Calming Colors to Make Your Home A Zen Space

Pastel pinks, soft blues, pale greens, and light purples help you feel at ease. Meanwhile, vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows do the opposite. You’re likely to gravitate towards red, orange, and yellow when you need an energy boost— not when you want to unwind at the end of a long day. So, you have to choose your wall colors wisely. Color is one of the best natural ways to promote a calmer state of mind. Certain soothing paint colors have the potential to help you make your home into a comforting haven. Just like a clean and tidy home helps you feel more serene, so does the right color palette.

Not only is it simple to repaint your interior walls, but it’s also proven to help you totally reinvent your space. Why not make sure your home is full of stress-relieving colors? When you take into account the effect of colors on your mental state, it’s amazing. Surrounding yourself with calming colors is more magical than you might think.

Custom Post for Your Amazing Places Calming Colors to Make Your Home A Zen Space

There’s no time like the present to repaint, especially with so much time spent inside. Realistically, you won’t need a professional team’s assistance to paint the interior walls of your home. If you do, HomeAdvisor is a useful site that can connect you to local pros as needed. As we’ve mentioned, using a calming color scheme to repaint is one of the most efficient ways to revamp your space without a major investment. Worst case scenario, you end up despising the color, and then you can repaint the next day.

Check out the roundup of calming colors, paint color recommendations, and other stress-relieving home decor tips that we’ve included in the guide below.

Custom Post for Your Amazing Places Calming Colors to Make Your Home A Zen Space

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