If you’re typically used to colder climes and more mild temperatures, the summer heat you encounter when abroad can come as a real shock to the system. Persistent heat above 30°C can really change your physiology, so you’ll need to embrace a few important changes to make the most of each destination, continue feeling your best inside and out, and see the heat as a friend rather than a foe.

Do as the Australians do

Australia is a wild and vibrant travel destination, and a country well-versed in dealing with scorching temperatures – and Australian policy on dealing with the sun’s rays on super hot days is sound advice to say the least. The Aussie approach is fairly simple: wear a sun hat, use sun cream, and seek shade where you can – especially in the middle of the day. So, if you’re visiting iconic sights such as Uluru out in the Australian outback, or simply strolling through the pretty streets of Melbourne or Sydney, make sure you’re SunSmart.

How To Deal With The Heat On Your Summer Getaway

If you’re unsure whether you’re following ‘procedure’, just observe how the locals are dealing with the heat and what they’re wearing. When all else fails, living like the locals do will see you through virtually any holiday crisis!

Take a siesta

In the beautiful Spanish province of Andalusia, temperatures often poke into the high thirties in summertime, and local life has adapted around this fact to incorporate a siesta – a sleep in the middle of the day when the temperature is at its highest.

How To Deal With The Heat On Your Summer Getaway

Unfortunately, this practice is not as popular as it once was, although it is still an ideal excuse to have a meal and a short nap in the middle of the day – avoiding the fearsome heat while sampling the scrumptious local cuisine. It’s not just Spain, either – this is common practice across Southern Europe, so be prepared for a midday lull wherever you’re staying in this region.

How To Deal With The Heat On Your Summer Getaway

Sleeping in the middle of the day can help you to look your very best for your holiday snaps, too, as ‘beauty sleep’ has now been scientifically proven as a concept.

Adapt your skin care routine

Skin care is incredibly important in hot weather, as your complexion bears the brunt of the sun’s rays, and therefore needs to be protected. The first port of call for skin protection is your sun cream – so make sure yours has a high SPF rating, as well as a high UV protection score.

How To Deal With The Heat On Your Summer Getaway

Using light, natural moisturisers that prevent the skin from feeling greasy – such as rosehip oil for the face – can offer effective after-sun care, and help you to retain a beautiful, natural glow. Organic body lotions are also serviceable after-sun solutions, especially those containing ingredients such as calendula and shea butter. Hot weather can exacerbate some allergies and skin conditions, so going the extra mile and using natural skin care solutions where possible can really benefit your complexion.

Eat and drink right

In very warm countries, the local culture adapts around the heat with a range of popular beverages and foodstuffs that keep the local populace cool on sweltering summer days. Lassi, a yoghurt drink, is available all across India. If you’re travelling through this beautiful and vibrant country, make sure you grab one from a street vendor – often flavoured with mango or other fruits. This refreshing beverage is what the locals drink to keep cool, often foregoing traditional meals in favour of this sweet summer treat.

How To Deal With The Heat On Your Summer Getaway

As far as food is concerned, keep it light and fresh as the Indians do, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Avoid stodgy junk foods and always stay hydrated while you eat.

These travel tips will work in hot weather from Canberra to Cancún – so with our help, you should be able to keep cool wherever your getaway leads you.