Marriage is a lifelong journey, and even those who have the strongest bonds require time alone together to maintain their intimacy. Prioritizing time together as a couple demonstrates your ongoing commitment to your partner, and it helps you continue to get to know your spouse no matter how long you’ve been together. These five ideas will help you plan a romantic weekend getaway that brings you closer together, even if you don’t travel far.

Relive Old Memories

Take a road trip to all your favorite places or the places that hold significance in your relationship, like the location of your first date and where you proposed. Stay in a nice hotel over the weekend, or plan a romantic candlelit dinner at home after a day of reliving some of your most cherished moments together. Plan something to say at each spot you take your spouse to; it helps to conjure your own thoughts and recall how you felt in those moments. Allowing yourself to re-experience the butterflies and magnetism of an early relationship can help you become more present and engaged in your marriage.

Keep the Love Alive: Ideas for a Romantic Weekend Getaway for You and Your Spouse

Find a Bed and Breakfast

Sleep in and spend the entire weekend together in a scenic location by researching bed and breakfast romantic getaway packages. You can enjoy amenities throughout the duration of your stay, including fresh rose petals adorning the bed, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or floral arrangements. This is an excellent way to give you and your spouse a stress-free weekend trip. You won’t have to worry about doing anything except making the reservation.

Keep the Love Alive: Ideas for a Romantic Weekend Getaway for You and Your Spouse

Make the Proposal Romantic

Create a handwritten invitation that you give to your spouse before the getaway. Invite them to spend a weekend with you and express how deeply you cherish their companionship and want some alone time together. This simple gesture can put things off on a romantic note that leaves your spouse dreaming about the upcoming trip together. For many married couples, fantasy and daydreams feel like something of the past. Letters and notes like this can reinvigorate the spark of passion and desire that makes love so special.

Keep the Love Alive: Ideas for a Romantic Weekend Getaway for You and Your Spouse

Bring Supplies With You

Bring your own tea candles, perfumes/colognes, massage oils, sweet treats, and anything else you know your spouse will enjoy. You can surprise them periodically throughout the getaway and finish by offering them a personalized gift. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money to create a memorable experience, either. The most valuable thing you can offer is your undivided attention and an openness to express love in ways you might not have been able to recently.

Keep the Love Alive: Ideas for a Romantic Weekend Getaway for You and Your Spouse

Turn Home Into a Vacation Spot

If you can’t go away due to financial restraints or COVID-19 restrictions, fear not. There are many ways you can transform your house into a romantic space. Invest in some champagne or wine, candles with your spouse’s favorite aromas and bath bombs to create a luxurious atmosphere. Soak in a bath together, or take turns before giving one another massages using a relaxing essential oil.

Keep the Love Alive: Ideas for a Romantic Weekend Getaway for You and Your Spouse

Cook them their favorite meal, or order in from your favorite restaurant. The most important rule is to avoid phones, television, computers and any other distractions. Look into each other’s eyes, ask questions, and get to know your partner again. You can even print out a list of questions to ask your spouse that help foster a deeper sense of trust and intimacy.

Whether you’ve been married for decades or just a few months, taking time to be together is important. A weekend away—or in—just the two of you can help reignite the spark of love you felt when your relationship was still shiny and new. Look for more ways to show your partner how much you cherish.