Winter season in many regions comes with extreme coldness, heavy snowfall, strong wind, and frost. While these weather conditions might create captivating winter landscapes, they cause damage to homes. As you enjoy making snowmen and drinking hot cocoa, your basement could be flooding, your roof damaged, or pipes ruptured. This post will discuss some of the tips to help you protect your home from winter damages.

Inspect Your Roof

Heavy snows and strong winds during winter can cause damage to roofs, especially if your roof is weak or old. You can prevent water leaks, roof collapses, or ice dams by inspecting your roof before winter season. Start by checking if your roof is in good condition. Look out for any missing or cracked shingles and repair them immediately, or consider hiring a professional roofer. Also, consider trimming nearby trees to prevent heavy limbs from crashing onto your roof.

Dealing With Potential Home Damages From Winter Weather

Check Your Sump Pump

If you have a basement, sump pump inspection is important to ensure that it’s working effectively. The pump is responsible for automatically pumping water out of your basement, preventing flooding. Test that your sump pump is working, including the float switch. Place water in the sump to check if the pump is pumping the water out of the basin. If the pump isn’t working, contact a plumber to repair it before winter season.

Dealing With Potential Home Damages From Winter Weather

Protect Your Pipes

Frozen and burst pipes are common during the winter season. Pipes can be damaged when water inside freezes, expands, and breaks the pipe. The pipes that run close to exterior walls that are not insulated are susceptible to freeze. To prevent this, insulate your pipes with a pipe wrap. Open your cabinet where the pipes are to allow warm air circulation during cold periods. A trickle of water running through taps can help prevent pipes from freezing.

Dealing With Potential Home Damages From Winter Weather

Check Your Gutters

It’s common for gutters to be clogged with leaves during fall, which causes damage if left unaddressed. When water freezes in the gutters, they may expand, crack, and push away from the roofline. Ensure you clear the gutters of any debris that has accumulated during fall. You may consider installing gutter guards over your gutters to keep them clear of debris and to avoid the need for regular cleaning.

Dealing With Potential Home Damages From Winter Weather

Waterproof Your Basement

If you are living in an area prone to flooding or with high water tables, basement waterproofing is essential. Freezing rain, ice dams, and melting snow can cause water to infiltrate your basement and cause structural damage. Waterproof your basement by sealing the cracks and by installing a waterproofing membrane on the outside foundation walls. A professional company will help you achieve the best waterproofing solution seamlessly.

Dealing With Potential Home Damages From Winter Weather

Winter weather can cause significant damage to your home if you are not prepared. Inspecting your roof, sump pump, gutters, and waterproofing your basement will help you protect your home from damages. Be proactive and start preparing before the season starts. You don’t want to deal with the headache of repairing disastrous damages in winter. Contact a professional company to help you with inspecting and protecting your home this winter season.

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