When you are limited to a small space, there could be some troubles with organizing of that little space you have. Especially, if you are a serious business person building his way up the ladder – the pressure is huge, the obligations are many, yet the small office space feels like suffocating you.

Good news is we’ve got some amazing tips to help you out with your small office space. Just to be clear, there’s no magic trick to turn your 30m2 space into a 150m2 paradise but there are some interior design ideas and tricks that will definitely be of help!

1. Let your space breathe

De-clutter your office! This is probably the first tip on every other blog out there but let’s face it – it IS the first step to organizing your small, limited space. People, just like animals, tend to hoard things, and most of us do it unconsciously. This is very typical for people involved in intellectual work. More often than not you are under the impression that at any second now you may be needing that small piece of paper you had in your hand three days ago, so you need it in your office and at your reach. Truth is, you won’t be needing that piece of paper nor any of other elements you feel are crucial to your business.

Make a list of all crucial things to you. Be realistic when making this list – write down just the things you use on daily basis or on weekly basis. The rest, you can put away in storage.

Once you have removed everything that was in the way, you’ll have a clear vision of how much space you’ve got and you’ll be able to organize your space the proper way.

Best Small Home Office Ideas on a Budget

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2. Beautiful is stimulating

Whoever says appearance don’t matter, doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. Beautiful spaces inspire your senses and awaken the beautiful in you. When surrounded with a well-decorated space you’ll be more driven to create and dedicate yourself to the work you do.

Add some color and beauty to your office. Opt for contrasts of vivid and simple colors to add drama to the space. Such combinations like beige and black, dark green and eggshell will give the space such a gorgeous tone! Add pillows with interesting patterns to your chairs and the sofa and witness the space opening up dramatically! A few decorative elements such as vases, pictures, photos and similar will also give the space a special vibe.

3. Organized is productive

With the lovely space you now have on your hands, you can now organize it so everything is functional and operative.

  1. Label cables and wires – cables from the phone, fax machine, computer, scanner, printer… and other “machinery” you need on daily basis not only looks ugly when openly displayed but may also be a cause of injury – there may be an open wire somewhere, or you can trip on the entangled cables. Label each of the cables in your office and tie them up together. You’ll immediately have more space and the labels will help if you need to urgently plug or unplug a certain gadget.
  2. Make use of hollow spaces – whether they are parts of the installed cabinets, the space under your work surface or the closet, these are the spaces that will be perfect for storage. Use them to remove all the things you don’t use on daily basis yet need on occasion.
  3. Go DIY on the space – use old shoe boxes to make storage space for envelopes, bills, and other tiny paper documents. All you need is an old shoe box (but in a good shape), wrap paper and glue. In a few minutes you’ll have a cute decorative element that’s a storage space at the same time.

Best Small Home Office Ideas on a Budget

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4. Manipulate angles and verticals

We usually tend to ignore empty angles and verticals in our spaces because we feel like we can’t use them when in fact these are the best storage spaces. Small rooms especially benefit from these as they are the perfect spaces to place shelves in. Have a talk with professionals from office fitout Sydney and see what would be the best way to manipulate unused space in your office. Shelves are probably the best save against limited spaces.

Best Small Home Office Ideas on a Budget

Image by Leslie Goodwin Photography via Houzz

With the tips we’ve given you, we have hopefully made the whole process of manipulating your small office space easier!