When in India one should make a point to visit some of the major Sea Islands in the region. India is a country that has several tourist destination points that will leave you amazed. These islands are some of the destinations. The major islands that you should make a point to go to when planning a trip to India include;

Orissa Beaches

These beaches are mainly known for the deep blue waters and the amazing golden sand. This is what actually makes the best place for a romantic getaway.  The main Orissa beaches are Chandipu, Puri, Gopalpur, Balaramgadi and the Talasari beach. For those that are planning a trip with family or friends then the best option will be the first two beaches. There are several activities to opt for when you got to the Orissa beaches one of them being boating.

Discover India: Visit Top 5 Sea Beaches in India


In India, Maharashtra has the highest number of beaches. The area is perfect for those that have a passion for water sports. The exotic beaches will ensure that you enjoy your trip to India. Kashid beach, which is one of the several beaches in Maharashtra, is the most beautiful beach available from all the available beaches. It is located on the shore of the Arabian Sea. The great cuisines and scenery is what actually attracts most people to the beach. One will also get a chance to mingle with the locals since most locals tend to go here.

Discover India: Visit Top 5 Sea Beaches in India


Known for its blue waters and white sand just like the Orissa beaches, it has a collection of some of the most famous beaches in India. The cleanest and most beautiful beach in the area is Ahmedpur Mandvi which is located on the Gujarat shoreline. Just like in the Maharashtra beaches, the most common activity is usually water sports. The beach is just perfect for swimming and relaxing. For those that prefer feeling the wind while on the beach the best option will be to visit the Daman and Diu beaches.

Discover India: Visit Top 5 Sea Beaches in India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

These two islands are mainly famous for their virgin beaches. Made up of several beaches, Andaman has picturesque beaches that you should ensure that you visit. Both islands have a calm atmosphere and a really clean surrounding. The actually form the perfect destination point for couples.

Discover India: Visit Top 5 Sea Beaches in India


One of the main reasons as to why this is one of the most famous beaches in India is due to its topless beaches and beauty. They have several natural features like lagoons and reefs. Water sports are the main activities in the Lakshadweep beaches. One of the beaches is Agatti Island beach which is famous for being untouched. The beaches are mainly covered with palm trees that make the view perfect for tourists. Using makemytrip coupons is always the best way of visiting these beaches.

Discover India: Visit Top 5 Sea Beaches in India

There are several other great beaches in India apart from these five. These are however some of the best beaches that you can opt to visit.