Every new trip to Queensland fills me with a feeling of happiness that I am again in that wonderful state. Of course, every new departure leaves a strange kind of emptiness that makes me go back to this part of our lovely Australia. Apart from traveling to Brisbane on business, I have visited Queensland a few times with my husband. We sometimes get bored with our Sydney life and want to try something different. But last year, when we were exploring the inland of Queensland, we discovered something almost ethereal – a health resort called Living Valley, situated about 50 miles from the coast. First, we were both caught by surprise, only to realize that this is what I needed in this period of my life – a series of physical treatments, to improve the condition of my body and mind.

When you apply for the Living Valley program, first you have to make a conversation with one of their naturopaths. Before you decide what treatment package you want to try, your body has to be examined and assessed by the resort specialists. The main philosophy of LVS is that they can repair your cracks only if they transform your entire lifestyle – the emotional condition, the physical shape and, above anything else, the eating habits. So, on your first day you have to undergo Live Blood Screening, as well as check of the body fat and muscle mass indexes. Only when your overall current condition is assessed will you be assigned the right treatment. Then you get your personal schedule for your stay and go to take a rest for your first full-range treatment day.

Living Valley - A Journey to Spiritual Reconnection

Since my weight at the time I got to Living Valley Springs was above average for my age and I usually feel chronic back pain (I am a writer and a traveler – win-win for painful back), they suggested me to go for the Seven-day Power Cleanse Treatment. Although at first I did not want to stay there for a week, without my husband and daughter, the husband encouraged me to undergo the whole treatment. So, they left me in Living Valley Springs and went back to our suite on the Sunshine Coast.

The great thing was that they were only 50 miles away from the resort, so they came every other day to see me. Although I did need some me time, it was still awkward to be separated from them at night. However, I was delighted with the rejuvenation program.

Living Valley - A Journey to Spiritual Reconnection

I underwent a remedial massage, a great facial regenerating treatment and two colonic hydrotherapy treatments. Also, I was given a personalized plan to change my unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits. When it comes to food itself, every new patient at Living Valley Springs has a special meal plan for the first three days, which includes only organic food, rich with protein, natural juices and fiber. When these are combined with the colonic treatment and stomach massage, your organism experiences a cleansing process that relaxes and purifies your mind and body. Also, I think I went to steam baths at least twice a day during my stay, since my treatment package gave me an unlimited number of baths. What is even more important, I attended lifestyle lectures and cooking classes on a daily basis, to gain knowledge necessary to keep following that healthy lifestyle even when I leave the resort.

After seven days, I got my Certificate in Lifestyle. My husband told me I looked fresh and at least five years younger. We spent three more days in Brisbane, to show our kid the beauties of this cozy town on the Pacific Coast and then left for New South Wales. The stay at Living Valley Springs helped me realize how fragile and neglected my body was. Now I teach my family how to cook, eat and live different from modern trends, so that all three of us reach that peace of mind and body that I experienced in Living Valley.