According to research by Lloyds Banking Group, 14 million people (44%) have undertaken major work on their current property, or plan to do so within the next year in order to improve or add value to their home. Improving the look of the house is the most frequent reason for undertaking home improvements, with 40% saying this was a key driver.

Creating your dream home doesn’t have to be really expensive. There are a number of ways you can improve space and design on a budget and still have a lovely home. Below are some simple ways to help:

Arrange finance

First things first, whether you’re building your home from scratch, adding an extension or simply wish to fill it with beautiful furniture, you’re going to need enough funds to cover it all. Your dream home is going to come at a cost but taking out a CCP logbook loan can help with the improvements.

DIY on a budget: how to create your dream home for less

Rustic Bedroom by North West Interior Designers & Decorators Amelia Wilson

Be creative

The décor in your home should reflect your personality. Be creative in every room, especially in the ones where you host the most guests! Revamp old furniture with paint, take old fabrics and turn them into cushions, use stencils to create inspirational word art and salvage old wood for shelving, photo frames or candle holders.

DIY on a budget: how to create your dream home for less

Eclectic Entry by London Interior Designers & Decorators Avocado Sweets Interior Design Studio

Buy second hand

According to Marketing Week, 35 per cent of women and 25 per cent of men say they are buying more used products than new compared with 12 months ago. Don’t overlook buying second hand. Chances are you’ll find some really unique pieces that nobody else will have, plus the savings you can make could be huge!

Think minimal

Sometimes it’s the classic and clean spaces that can be the most sophisticated. Think neutral and calming palettes with earthy tones, natural daylight, planting and wooden flooring. When displaying art, choose strong bold pieces and use mirrors to help reflect any light in the room, making it look a whole lot bigger.

DIY on a budget: how to create your dream home for less

Traditional Kids

Use double duty furniture

Make the most of a small space and save costs by having your furniture serve a dual purpose. Choose ottomans with built-in storage, beds that can also be used as a sofa in the day and kitchen worktops that also serve as a breakfast bar with stalls. Adding mirrors to doors is also a good use of space and can add to the style of a room.

DIY on a budget: how to create your dream home for less

Contemporary Basement by Fallston General Contractors Tower Creek Construction

Shop local

If you’re looking for a new kitchen or bathroom, shopping with a local independent specialist can help save you money compared to a national brand. Being local also means you can build a relationship with the supplier so they can get a better understanding of exactly what it is you require.

DIY on a budget: how to create your dream home for less

Transitional Living Room

Wait for sales and discounts

Don’t rush and buy everything you see at once. Ask when the item is likely to go into the sale and also search online for exclusive discounts. If something is really out of your price range, opt for an alternative or even consider making it yourself if you’re the crafty type!