What You Will Get On-Board a Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Every new development in Dubai is bigger and better than the previous one, that’s why it has been dubbed as the city of superlatives. It is because of this title that Dubai Marina has risen to prominence over the last decade. Curved along a two-mile stretch of Gulf shoreline, this canal district houses the tallest building and the second largest mall in the world; they are both part of the tallest block in the world.

Residential buildings and offices in Dubai Marina are continuously redefining Dubai’s architecture thus making the region more impressive. If you want to explore this beautiful neighborhood, you can you can take a dhow cruise and sail the 2-mile long canal while enjoying panoramic views. Here are some of the things to expect onboard a dhow cruise dubai marina.


Being a sight to behold, cruising along Dubai Marina promises unique views of some of the buildings that have become world-renowned landmarks on the international map. Among them include a myriad of five-star hotels, the Dubai Marina Mall, the infamous Palm Jumeirah along the splendid Atlantis Hotel, the Burj Al Arab in the night sky while cruising the Palm Canals and the water promenade at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club among others. In addition, you will get to admire the unique architecture surrounding the area as well as the superbly illuminated skyscrapers of Dubai Marina residences which happen to be the most prominent sights.

What You Will Get On-Board a Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

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If you are more interested in understanding the architecture, then you might want to go for a daytime cruise. On the other hand, a night-time cruise will allow you to the Dubai glittering under the night sky.


If you want to catch a glimpse of Dubai’s cultural heritage, then hop on-board a Dubai Marina dhow cruise where you will be treated with live performances of traditional forms of art by expert artists. You can see artists practicing Youwla Dance, Tanoura Dance or Arabic music depending on the cruise you opt for.

What You Will Get On-Board a Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

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Dhow cruises in Dubai Marina offer not only great sightseeing experiences and entertainment but also promise mouthwatering culinary. While dining on a luxurious cruise under the night sky might help you create beautiful memories, dining onboard a Dubai Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise under the night sky can be a magical experience.

What You Will Get On-Board a Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Get to enjoy an elegant three-course meal with international or continental cuisines under the night sky as you cruise through the canal, relaxing with a glass of soft drink or chilled juice. You can either choose a dedicated dinner cruise that sails after sundown or go for a sunset cruise with dinner.

What You Will Get On-Board a Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

While booking for a dhow cruise experience in Dubai Marina, you can choose a cruise that offers either of the three options. However, if you want to enjoy a more holistic experience opt for a cruise that offers all of these performances. Also, most Dubai Marina dhow cruises advice passengers to dress casually for their own comfort while onboard the vessels.

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