Dubai’s Top 5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

Dubai is acclaimed for its enviable atmosphere of spectacular features which tourists from anywhere in the world would die to see.  Without a doubt, a trip to Dubai will be full of pleasant experiences owing to the fact that the golden city boasts a decent amount of attractions including Burj Al Arab hotel, overnight desert safari and beautiful crystal clear waters suitable for yacht cruises and so on. Besides the attractions mentioned above, Dubai has got many other luxury travel experiences that any tourists may be looking for.

Therefore, this article is intended to draw your attention to Dubai’s top 5 luxury travel experiences. Interestingly, each of these travel experiences will guarantee Dubai visitors great pleasure in return for their money.

Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai’s overnight desert safari is a highly coveted experience that takes visitors through moments of exciting activities. In the span of day, you get to glide along heaps of sand and enjoy a thrilling quad biking adventure. As the day lasts in the streak of glowing sun, your biking adventure is followed by another series of fun-filled activities including camel riding and sand boarding.

Dubai's Top 5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

After the sun sets with the day rolling into a soothing evening, you get to lean your body back to your Bedouin tent, rest your head on silk cushions and savor delicious hotly brewed Arabian coffee.

Interestingly, the desert safari Dubai experience doesn’t end there as henna artists come to dip your feet and hands in sweet-smelling herbs while belly dancers enthrall you with their gyration.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

A hotel boasting several fantastic restaurants including Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab is no doubt an epitome of a luxurious atmosphere.

Dubai's Top 5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

Of course, a sumptuous dinner at Al Mahara is one of the luxuries people crave to enjoy at Burj Al Arab. If you can’t afford having your manservant with you, rest assured that you’ve still got the chance to sign up for high tea at Skyview Bar along the hotel’s 27th floor.

Dubai Mall Shopping Experience

Dubai Mall is generously an avenue for you to fill your Dubai travel experience with lots of luxurious shopping.

Ranging from a fantastic collection of eateries to UAE’s biggest VR park and an imposing network of retail outlets, the luxuries offered by Dubai Mall are so great that they can magnify any tourist’s experience.

Dubai's Top 5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

Adding to the luxurious feel of Dubai Mall is a basement which houses the fantastic Underwater Zoo and Aquarium. In fact, spending time in Dubai Mall is among our top things to do in Dubai.

Luxury Yacht Experience

You can magnify your Dubai travel experience with a yacht rental Dubai in the beautiful waters of on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates. You’ll surely have a considerable collection of yachts from which to choose based on your budget.

Dubai's Top 5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

As a plus, you get to make a choice from the available group of expert operators. Meanwhile, your yacht experience is likely to be glutted with the pleasure of observing fantastic landmarks including the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah and the incredible Burj Al Arab.

Dubai's Top 5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

More to that, you’ll enjoy a considerable number of concierge services while still indulging in eating and drinking. On any grounds, having a private yacht for cruising round is one of the best ways to enjoy Dubai’s travel experiences to the full. If you are an adventure lover, you should consider experiencing these adventure activities in Dubai.

Golfing on Amazing Courses

Golfing could be a nice idea if there’s any need to incorporate gaming into your luxury travel experience. In that case, Dubai boasts a spectrum of exquisite golf courses. While some of them come as beautiful waterfront oases, others appear as smooth and fine all-grass courses.

Dubai's Top 5 Unique Luxury Travel Experiences

If you’re keenly interested in an incredible golfing experience, you could try out any of the city’s famous golf clubs including the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Jumeirah Golf Estates and the Emirates Golf Club.

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