Others say grouting is difficult, but there is really no reason why you will not be able to learn grouting tiles. Doing the grouting job yourself is beneficial, especially if you are looking to go as economical as possible. So, if you are now ready to know and learn about the basics of grout application in tiling jobs, you can read on and follow these easy tips that will help you get started. These tips will make your job easier even if you are just tackling your first ever grouting job. Here they are.

First, besides keeping yourself protected from any potential disasters, you have to make sure that you are wearing full protection. When we say “full protection”, that does not mean you should be covered from head to toe, like as if radiation just broke out. All you need to have for protection are old clothes and shoes, gloves, as well as plastic apron.

Easy Tips for DIY Grouters

Old Clothes and Shoes

You might think how this old stuff can protect you; well actually these are more for protecting your usual clothing. Instead of using your regular clothes while grouting, old clothes will do best so that you will not be regretting any possible stains that may come in contact with your clothes. Old shoes are for the same purpose as well as for protecting your feet.

Easy Tips for DIY Grouters

Rubber Gloves and Plastic Apron

You will be using these to protect your skin, hands, and body. Other people who do grouting jobs and do not wear any protective gears experience cherries. Cherries are quite painful, as they are open sores on the fingertips. Better safe than sorry, right?

Second, you need to determine the size of the tile gaps. You have to know whether the tile gaps are less than or greater than an inch wide so you will know if you need a silicone based grout, an epoxy based grout or some other type. Narrower gaps less than an eighth of an inch wide, unsanded grout may be used. Meanwhile, for gaps which are wider than 1/8 of an inch, sanded grout is your best option.

Once you have determined the right grout that you need, purchase it out and be sure to read and follow all instructions first so you will be able to make the best out of the grout that you purchased. Those instructions are placed there by the manufacturer so you will know exactly what you need to do. No more guessing needed. After mixing the grout properly, you should be able to attain a consistency like that of a mayonnaise –workable yet it can still hold its own shape. There should be no lumps in your grout mixture as using such grout paste might cause damage to your grouting project.

Easy Tips for DIY Grouters

If everything is ready, you can now start grouting your tile gaps. Make sure you have also cleaned and dried them well before applying the grout.