How to Emphasize your Nursery with 5 Simple Projects

There are so many incredible varieties of baby nursery decor ideas that it can be completely overwhelming for any parents to choose what they want for their little one. It can be very hard when making the final decision but there is also an effective way to shorten the list of all the available options. This is by considering your own personal style preferences as well as your personal interests. You should think of all the things that were fun for you and the most memorable ones while you were growing up. Of course, you can always look for modern inspiration and incorporate the two to come up with a unique nursery style of your own. However, whatever decision you make, you need to make sure that the nursery is as beautiful as it is functional for you as the parent as well as the baby.

The initial goal for your nursery décor is to create a special place for your loved one because you will be spending a lot of time in there. This is more so for the mother because you will constantly be with the baby bonding and the room ought to be very comfortable for both of you. This means that the decoration style you choose needs to be inviting as well as pleasant. Below are some five projects you can do to emphasize your nursery décor.

1) Strive for simplicity

Basic form-meets-functionality or even clean lines usually are a great for the nursery because with time,  a lot of the things will change like the toys, art and the decorative objects. Simplicity will create a backdrop and as the baby grows, you will not have to re-decorate, you will just make some minor changes. You can begin with a pared-down look and go for subdued colors on the walls, floor as well as on the major furniture. You can add straightforward or organic geometric shapes and additions like ruffles, bed skirts or ornate furniture for serenity.

How to Emphasize your Nursery with 5 Simple Projects

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2) Add pops of some bright colors

With a neutral backdrop, you can very easily make it stand out with a pop of a bright and bold color in the beddings as well as other textiles, the area rug, wall art, accessories and window coverings. Orange, bold yellow, bright red and lime green can convey a fun but also modern look.

How to Emphasize your Nursery with 5 Simple Projects

Photo by Lori Gentile Interior DesignDiscover transitional nursery design ideas

3) Adaptability

In a baby’s nursery, most of the time you will find the room is not that large and using multifunctional furniture will create more space. Get pieces that serve more than just one purpose and those the baby can grow with. Make long term investment that you will not have to throw away later.

The drawing and coloring desk cannot be overlooked for example yet this area can be used as a home-work desk or crafting desk whenever you need it. Make it work for a your child and yourself alike.

How to Emphasize your Nursery with 5 Simple Projects

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4) Make it mobile

In most traditional arrangements, most of the things tend to be static but these are the modern times and mobility is prized. If possible, go for furniture that can be easily rearranged for instance having a table that can morph into a media stand as well as reversible textiles that can easily be flipped on a whim.

How to Emphasize your Nursery with 5 Simple Projects

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5) Keep things child centered

With the modern designs, you will be able to emphasize on ease of use for the baby. This means that you should go for the décor that encourages the baby to explore and be independent. Go for easy-to-grasp doo cut out instead of opting for knobs and you can use cabbies instead of drawers. Hang the pictures to the baby eye-level and not yours.

How to Emphasize your Nursery with 5 Simple Projects

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How these five sound? We would love to hear your baby-experience in the comment section below!

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