Yes, handymen are there for a reason, but it is expected from a man to know how to fix a few things around the house. For someone who is skilled with his hands, investing in tools might save some money for the long-term. Whether it is something simple like putting a picture on the wall or fixing an old door or a sink, there are certain tools that are absolutely necessary to have in your toolbox. If you are on your way to the store right now and wandering what to buy first, we have a list of basic trade tools every household needs.

Claw hammer

This is something you will use for everything: from smaller demolition jobs to driving a nail into wood, and removing it. When buying a hammer you should choose the one that is at the same time light enough to carry around, and heavy enough to endure any kind of home repair project. You can even try out a few of them in the hardware store to see how they feel in your hand. Also, always go for the synthetic handles over a wooden ones as they do not break that easily.

What Every Homeowner's Toolbox Should Contain

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Screwdriver set

There are two types: flathead and a Philips-head screwdrivers, and it is best to have both large and small versions of them. There is also a distinction between manual and electric one, and it is advisable to own both as you newer know which one might come in handy. While electric screwdrivers seem more convenient, manual ones can reach into more places and are less likely to damage the screw.

Crescent wrench

Instead of buying a set of wrenches in different sizes, you could get only crescent wrench, that is adjustable and has a sliding jaw that changes its width. It is very practical as this one tool can be used on different size nuts and bolts.


When you need to grab a tiny object a manipulate it, you are going to need a pair of pliers. If you manage to get a good grip, you can pull, pinch or bend metal things into different shapes. There are many types of pliers – long-nose, locking, combination, but the most useful ones are probably needle nose pliers. They are essential for every electrician as with them you can cut, bend, grip or strip a wire, and due to their skinny shape you can easily get into small cavities.

What Every Homeowner's Toolbox Should Contain

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You will probably find most use for it if you have a lot of trees in your backyard, as there are always going to be some branches getting in your way. It is also useful for cutting a piece of lumber for any kind of house project.

Tape measure

Everyone loved playing with a tape measurer when they were younger, but once you grow up you realize that it is probably the most important thing in the house. Before starting any kind of project, first you need to use this little guy, and then precede to the next step. And remember the good old one: “measure twice and cut once”.


This trade tool shows you the best if something is crooked. You do not want to put the wholes in the wall for your shelf, picture or anything else, and only later realize that it is not correctly oriented.

What Every Homeowner's Toolbox Should Contain

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Safety glasses

Finally, whenever you use any kind of power tool, you should wear one of these, to prevent anything from getting into your eyes, as it might damage your sight.

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