Working from home definitely has its advantages – it allows you to leave the office whenever you want to and take a break; you can make it as comfortable and personal as you want it to be; you are close to the kitchen, meaning you can have a proper diet; you don’t waste time travelling to and from work every day.

Still, a home office can pose some challenges. First of all, it can be hard sometimes to separate your business from your personal life, as you are at home, being exposed to everything that goes around in it all the time. Secondly, you will sometimes feel you miss the interaction with other people and colleagues, which can often be stimulating. Still, if you have decided to work from home, then the best solution would be to decorate and organize your home office according to the following tips and get the best out of it.

1. Quality of air and light

Fresh air and natural (or at least pleasant artificial) light are hugely important factors in feng shui. They enable a free flow of energy, inspire and motivate. Your brain needs a lot of fresh oxygen for you to be effective at work. Also, if you have constantly a runny nose or cough, then it could be a sign that you are missing quality air. You should clean the air in the office by using good ionizer. Air-purifying plants are an even better solution – they also bring you a touch of nature inside the office, connecting you to other living beings. They will refresh your own energy.

Feng Shui 101 for Your Home Office

Full-spectrum lights and large windows that let in the natural light are smart investments. It is quite possible you’ll lower your spirits if you have a dimly-lit space. In case you sometimes have to work at night, make sure the light is not too bright but pleasant and effective.

2. Productivity is the goal

You need to inspire yourself to develop new ideas and motivate yourself to hard work. The decorative items you will surround yourself with can have a lot of influence on that. Add specific items that make you happy or proud of yourself. Paint the room and use the items in feng shui colours that you enjoy. Career memorabilia is also useful to get you moving. Identify the kind of energy you want to send to the world and choose items that reflect that energy. This is your personal working space so feel free to decorate it any way you want.

Feng Shui 101 for Your Home Office

3. Provide comfort

Having a home office brings a great benefit of always being able to relax and being comfortable. So, you need to pay attention to the furnishings inside the office. One corner of the office should be intended for a quick relaxation whenever you need it. Too much sitting isn’t good for the back, so you can try out comfortable recliner massage chairs in order to relax your muscles in just a couple of minutes.

Feng Shui 101 for Your Home Office

You will also feel drained from time to time because of too much electrosmog coming from the printer and the computer. You can deal with this issue by adding magnets to your chair to protect you from electromagnetic stress.

4. Attract positive energy through a specific position

Your desk is the most important piece of furnishing in your home office. It’s where most of the magic happens. Therefore, you need to follow the feng shui commanding position when it comes to placing the desk properly. It will attract more positive energy to the working space. It means you shouldn’t have your back to the door and that the desk should be positioned further from it, not in line with it. Another important thing is not to face the wall when sitting at the desk. If you really can’t place the desk anywhere else, then make sure you “mask” the wall by using art.

Feng Shui 101 for Your Home Office

5. Three important areas in the office

South area, as well as the north and southeast areas, are the three areas you should pay special attention to in the office. South area is connected to fame and reputation in feng shui and the energy of Fire. So, avoid the colour blue, as well as images of water or even small fountains or mirrors in that area because they will block the Fire energy.

Feng Shui 101 for Your Home Office

North area relates to your career and the energy of Water, so stick to items representing water in it. Metal is another element connected to this area, so black or white are also desirable here.

Lastly, the southeast area is related to Prosperity, so decorate it with items reminiscent of money and abundance and avoid anything connected to Fire and Metal.

Final comment

Organising your home office according to feng shui could bring prosperity and good luck into your working space. Feeling comfortable and inspired in it also affects the way you approach your work as well as the final outcomes.