Urban gardening is all about maximizing your space by creating a signature look for your garden. There’s nothing more charming or whimsical than a spot of natural beauty in an otherwise concrete environment. With planning and creativity, you can have your own oasis in the middle of the city.

Fences and gates

Fences and gates are usually considered to be more functional in uses rather than adding to the outdoors’s curb appeal. They are mostly used as a way of keeping people (or pets) out and preserving one’s privacy. However, you can have both purposes with the right type of fences and gates you want added to your small urban garden. Try to look beyond the wood design and consider fences or gates made of stone, metal or plastic materials. You can buy fencing direct from trusted manufacturers at the right price and budget.

6 Fresh Ideas to Makeover a Small Urban Garden

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Planters, containers and pots

Planters, containers, and pots are the urban gardener’s best friend. Whether you’re looking to plant tomatoes for summer or seasonal flowers to decorate your outdoor space throughout the year, containers are a go-to when you are short on space and soil. Make sure you pay attention to the depth of your containers. Too shallow, and plants – especially herbs and flowers- will easily dry out. Most flowering plants need 6 hours of direct sunlight, but there are plenty of options for a shady garden, too.

6 Fresh Ideas to Makeover a Small Urban Garden

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Hanging baskets, walls and trellises

Hanging baskets, walls, and trellises are a great way to add dimension to your urban garden. Just like when decorating a room, a pleasing garden is all about creating different levels of visual interest. Hanging baskets from shepherds hooks or wall brackets are a beautiful way to create layers.

6 Fresh Ideas to Makeover a Small Urban Garden

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Small greenhouses and sheds

Small greenhouses and sheds are another way to add whimsy to your garden. There is something infinitely charming about a repurposed potting shed or greenhouse made of vintage windows in an urban setting. The juxtaposition of country and city creates a cunning picture in your urban oasis. The greenhouse can also foster delicate plants like violets or orchids throughout the year.

6 Fresh Ideas to Makeover a Small Urban Garden

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Window gardens

Window gardens are a great option for those seriously short on outdoor space. This is where a little creativity goes a long way in bringing the outdoors into your home. Repurposed tea tins, shoe racks, and hanging contraptions can turn any window with direct light into a miniature garden.

6 Fresh Ideas to Makeover a Small Urban Garden

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Incorporate outdoor statuary or art

Incorporate outdoor statuary or art. Often thought of as kitschy or tacky, tasteful outdoor statues or art can actually take your urban garden to the next level. Whether you choose religious statuary to evoke the serenity of the monastic life or a funky, modern piece to juxtapose the tidiness of the garden, art is a great way to personalize your space and create mood.

6 Fresh Ideas to Makeover a Small Urban Garden

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Picturesque pathways

Picturesque pathways aren’t limited to sprawling country estates. The smaller size of the urban garden lends itself perfectly to specialized pavers. Creating new pathways or repaving tired concrete in wood planks, colourful tile, or natural stone will transform your urban garden to the otherworldly – a little magical nook in an otherwise bustling metropolis.

6 Fresh Ideas to Makeover a Small Urban Garden

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