Debbie Davison is a technology enthusiast and she is fond of watching movies and TV. By writing for Australian Antennas, she gets the chance to talk about her interests. In this article, Debbie shares a guide on how to install a television antenna.

TV antennas may appear like remnants of the past decades. But whether you accept this as a fact or not, these long adjustable metal sticks are still used by plenty of viewers nowadays to somehow reduce their monthly utility bills and get a clearer reception of their favorite cable channels.

A Guide to Installing a TV Antenna

Over time, a variety of TV antennas has been introduced on the market. However, each of them is designed for a distinct purpose. Despite their many uses, their installation processes are more or less similar. These often include the following:

Familiarize the Different Antenna Types

Antennas are often sorted based on several factors. But the truth is that people are only familiar with two types – the indoor and the outdoor.

A Guide to Installing a TV Antenna

Indoor Antenna

Also called the rabbit ears because of its appearance, an indoor antenna is on average found in living rooms or mounted on walls. Even though its length can be attuned by the user, it is not as efficient as the outdoor antenna. Most of the time, this type of antenna is less directional, therefore, the channels you desire cannot be captured all the time.

Outdoor Antenna

An outdoor antenna is often positioned on the rooftops. This is because, when it is up there, it can easily pick up signals. And, it looks neat and tidy. These often come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and lengths. While some appear like arrows, others resemble tiny satellite dishes.

A Guide to Installing a TV Antenna

Prepare for the Installation Process

Each channel has a corresponding compass heading. So, before you start doing anything to your antenna, you have to delve into it. But if ever you find it very bewildering, you can always consult the experts.

If you are handyman who wishes to do all the steps on your own, TV antenna installation won’t really be a big deal. Whenever you buy any antenna, it generally comes with a manual. By having this, you will be able to confirm and check whether you are on the right track.

A Guide to Installing a TV Antenna

Assemble the Pole and the Antenna

Depending on the type of antenna you bought, the steps in assembling a pole and an antenna also differ. But most often, poles and antennas already come intact, which means they don’t have to be assembled anymore. If this is the case, you can easily loosen the bolts and the screws of the antenna, so as to ease sliding of the pole. Once you are done with this, you can secure everything by simply making sure all the bolts are tightened. If you are uncertain about this step, you can always refer to the given instruction set.

A Guide to Installing a TV Antenna

Connect the television and the antenna

In this step, a coaxial cable might be required. This will be used to connect the cable output terminal of your antenna to the input of the TV. However, it might be difficult to do this if you are on your own. It is best that you ask other family members to assist you. While you adjust the position of the antenna, your assistant can tune the television to different channels to check for clarity.

A Guide to Installing a TV Antenna

Regardless if you are installing an outdoor or an indoor antenna, you have to take careful measures as the installation process can get difficult in the long run. If you incapable of doing this kind of work, it is best that you seek help from professionals.

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