It’s renowned for its connections across Europe, but delve deeper into Portsmouth and there is plenty more on the table. It might not appear so on first glance, but if you’re looking for a day out during the half-term period (or any school holiday for that matter) the attractions are aplenty.

The fact there are a lot of respected hotel chains within the area just adds to the charm, particularly as the prices are competitive when pitted against nearby areas. Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take a look at some of the best things to do if you find yourself needing time to fill with the kids whilst in this area of the country.

The Half-Term Guide to a Day in Portsmouth

Royal Navy Submarine Museum

This first suggestion might be designed more for slightly older children, although the official guidelines suggest that it’s suitable for all ages. In short, this museum will tell you all you need to know about the submarines and the Royal Navy – with the best parts allowing you to board a real submarine and learn about how people live and work on the great machines.

The Half-Term Guide to a Day in Portsmouth

As well as the above, you’ll be able to cast your eye on a special piece of history in the form of the Holland 1. This was the very first submarine launched by the Royal Navy, having first being released in 1901.

The Half-Term Guide to a Day in Portsmouth

Blue Reef Aquarium

The location of Portsmouth means that it was almost par for the course that an aquarium would be based here. Once again, this is officially targeted towards all ages, and does provide a degree of versatility when you consider the fact that parts of it are based both indoors and outdoors.

The Half-Term Guide to a Day in Portsmouth

Image by thenamelessbear via Flickr

The aquarium contains more animals than you could imagine, including sharks, ray fish and octopus’. In terms of the latter, many kids are amazed to see the blue blood which runs through this animal’s veins – in just one of a number of amazing facts that will be revealed through your tour of the museum.

The Half-Term Guide to a Day in Portsmouth

Image by Mark Ferbert via Flickr

In total there are forty different displays, while you’ll also get to wander through a tunnel which allows for picturesque views of the ocean and all of the animals within it. This is one of the “dry attractions” of the aquarium, but it is possible to don your swimming gear and really get up close and personal with animals if you so desire.

Mystery Treasure Trail

This can be one of the most fascinating attractions in the city, particularly for young explorers! It’s not a typical treasure trail that’s found in a single building, the whole expedition spans no less than 2.7 miles. As such, it won’t be surprising to read that it takes nigh-on three hours to complete.

The Half-Term Guide to a Day in Portsmouth

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The clues for the trail are based around the entire city and bearing in mind the overall charm of Portsmouth, this makes it great for accompanying adults who can also find out a bit more about the local area. You and your young explorers will be asked to crack codes and navigate your way around, all with the aim of finding the elusive treasure at the end.