Walking hand-in-hand with your date is perhaps the best way to get to know more about each other as you get a lot of time to chat and there is hardly any disturbance such as may be expected if you are travelling by a Tube or even if you are at a restaurant. The Get Walking Week in the UK that started on May 3 is meant to encourage people to walk more and get some much-needed exercise. London offers many options of romantic routes that can prove to be a wonderful opportunity to blend each other’s thoughts, unless rain gods play spoilsport.

Chocolate Tour

What can be better than indulging in a delicious chocolate while taking a Chocolate House Tour of London? Along with enjoying each other’s company, you can discover the tradition of chocolate houses of Georgian England and learn more about how chocolates have evolved. You will also be amazed by some intriguing historical facts such as the destruction of entire empires by the Spanish Conquistadors merely for chocolates. You will also be able to taste chocolaty drinks that had corrupted gambling dukes. Luxurious chocolates can also be bought to take home with you.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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Little Venice

This serene stretch of the Grand Canal in northwest London is an ideal location for a romantic walk as it is devoid of the crowds while being peaceful and picturesque in the vicinity of the busy Edgware Road. At this location, you will find many waterside cafes, eateries and bars where you can have refreshments and plenty to see along the waterways. The other attractions of the area include its colourful houseboats and two theatres. For getting some more peace and solitude, you can go downstream towards Maida Vale or move upstream.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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Kyoto Gardens

Exploring the sequestered traditional Japanese Zen Garden hand-in-hand with your loved one is an exhilarating experience. This authentic garden that was donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991 offers cascades that reminds you of mountains and gorges, and a pond that represents the tranquillity of the ocean. A walk through the garden will unveil more inner serenity.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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Guests staying at Hotels on Bayswater Road London near Hyde Park can conveniently take any of these romantic walks for having a great time.

The Thames via Hammersmith

If you really wish to impress your lover, you should wait for a sunny day when you can wander around Hammersmith Bridge which will give you an opportune romantic stroll. It will be a much better thing to do than walking in the touristic Southbank area. You will get the opportunity to rediscover the Thames in the backdrop of swans and rowing competitions in the summer. You can also enjoy in the backdrop of the hustle and bustle of London by visiting any of the pubs along the way which will also give an opportunity for your romance to blossom.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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If you are on a romantic visit to London along with your partner, it would be best to stay at Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park London as you will be located in the heart of the city in the midst of all its attractions.

Chelsea Embankment

For getting a great romantic experience, you can walk along Chelsea Embankment in the evening as the sun sets as it will provide a better and quieter walk than strolling along the South Bank. You can start the walk at Vauxhall Bridge or Chelsea Bridge and continue up to Albert Bridge and back through Battersea Park. All along the route you will find plenty to see, including Carlyle House, the Physic Gardens and plenty of stunning architecture. Battersea Park provides glorious views and fewer crowds than central London and it provides the right setting for lovers to whisper sweet nothings to their partner. For enjoying dinner and drinks, King’s Road is just a few steps away.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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Highgate Cemetery

The idea of a romantic amble in a cemetery may appear to be weird but Highgate Cemetery is special as it has plenty of historic, cultural and wildlife attractions such as Victorian buildings, chapels, catacombs and wonderful trees and wildlife and of course the resting places of some notable people like Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, George Eliot and Christina Rosetti. Visitors from all over the world visit the monument dedicated to Karl Marx. Taking a romantic walk around the East Cemetery can be great fun.

Primrose Hill

If you wish to enjoy a spectacular view of the city in the company of your partner, you can both take a romantic walk to the top of Primrose Hill anytime of the day. On a clear day, you can get clear views of the London Eye, the BT Tower, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Gherkin if you just walk up the 78 feet height of the hill. It will also give you a good opportunity to enjoy a picnic especially at sunset when both of you can watch the sun go down.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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Richmond Park and The Isabella Plantation

You can have a great time with your date if you go out for a long walk in the country. Richmond Park, being the largest of the eight Royal Parks, is a national nature reserve that proves to be an ideal romantic place. The 40-acre Isabella Plantation, in particular, is an extremely romantic place dating back to the 1930s. It has lawns, gardens, streams and ponds.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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Tree Tops at Kew Gardens

If you wish to experience nature with your beloved, just take the Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walk at Kew Gardens that connects eighteen-meter high, two hundred-year-old chestnut, lime, and oak trees. This charming, although short, walk will offer a unique view of London’s skyline especially of Wembley Stadium. Walking hand-in-hand in the midst of ancient trees will provide an extremely enjoyable romantic experience.

Ideal Places in London for Romantic Walks

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