Travelling is the least-liked part of the job for professionals with an international client base or a need to work in both a foreign country and their native land. Whether you are an actor, lecturer, doctor, celebrity, business person, or civil servant, you find yourself flying out of your nearest domestic or international airport with virtually every assignment. Want to combat your travelling blues and make the most of the flight time? Since travelling can be a stressful affair, busy professionals like you should fly first class.

#1: Avail yourself of the best facilities for your comfort and needs

When you choose to travel first class by, say, Qantas first class, your comfort and needs are priorities. By going first class, you enjoy the best comfort and luxury in flight. No matter how long the flight, you can work, relax and sleep in the embrace of first class luxury, comforts and privacy. Travelling ceases to be pure tedium; you can arrive replenished and refreshed from your journey. Right after your flight lands, you can hail a taxi from the airport and head straight to the venue.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Flying First Class

#2: Turn your flight into a networking opportunity

There are many more benefits than what meets the eye. Traveling first class, you sit among the best of the corporate world. This is a golden opportunity for you to network and interact with like-minded individuals. Flying in first class could help you meet truly fascinating people. One successful meeting could recoup the cost of the first class ticket by bringing in new business.

#3: Be stress-free

The best benefit of travelling first class becomes apparent with mild turbulence, if you are dealing with any medical condition, or if you are a nervous flyer. First class provides a luxurious bed so you can revitalize your body with a good nap or you can lie awake to use your laptop for hours, without feeling tired. You have utmost privacy and can relieve workday stress. Flying first class gives you the comfort of your bedroom where you can snuggle up under the covers with all disturbances at bay. No matter from how long you have been on the move, you can use this flight time to completely relax and get revitalized.

#4: Status and perks

First class passengers earn more points than miles on the airlines that have a “points Vs. miles” system in their frequent traveller program. More points get you to a higher status faster, in fewer flights. And with the attainment of a high status, you get increased benefits. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Here’s Why You Should Consider Flying First Class

#5: Special treatment

First class comes with an understanding that you are entitled to special treatment. Even if you arrive late to the airport, your first class boarding pass can help you get access to a faster security line at many airports. Your boarding pass is not only for first class, it helps you to be “first” in almost everything—from boarding to getting off the plane to collecting your baggage.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Flying First Class

Flying first class is a luxury only few can afford, but that doesn’t mean it is always going to rip you off of your money. If you are Internet savvy, you can certainly work out the best deal according to your budget. There are many online travel agents who can help you fly first class at a price your pocket won’t feel.