Our homes are an extension of our personalities. So much so we fill them mementoes, heirlooms, and got-to-have furnishings that help create the space we long to escape to at the end of the day.

But owning and maintaining a home can be quite expensive, especially when we need to make repairs and upgrade appliances. So, it’s no surprise we tend to overlook making regular changes to our home decor.

Fortunately, redecorating doesn’t have to be such a considerable expense. With just a few added touches, you can give your home a new and fresh look without spending a whole lot. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to update, improve, and give your home decor a trendy facelift without breaking the bank.

Fresh Paint

Painting the walls is one of the cheapest ways to achieve a new and cleaner look. Paint does not cost much, and if you opt to do it yourself, you can also save labor costs! Color can be used in a variety of ways to give a completely different look to a room or even the whole house.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

Accent walls provide focus to one area of the room. That focal point can feature a painting or any other artwork to draw the eye towards it. One brightly colored wall is enough to make the area standout, while the remainder of the walls can be painted a neutral color.

Repainting a room has another advantage; it can make the area appear spacious or make the ceilings look higher than usual. To make the ceiling appear higher, paint the area white and the other walls a darker shade. If the goal is to make the room look more spacious, then painting the ceiling a darker color and the walls a lighter shade will help achieve the desired outcome.

Wall Art

Painted walls look great, but they can also look empty if left bare. That’s why it’s a good idea to update the space by decorating the walls with different kinds of artwork. It could be a tapestry, a unique and inexpensive wall hanging, wood or metal mounted Bumblejax acrylic prints and various wall accessories. Perhaps you can fill an entire wall with artwork, and have it become your at-home gallery, or maybe install a collage of family photographs instead. These changes are not only economical but add a personalized touch to any room makeover.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

Furniture Rearrangement

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give a home a highly noticeable makeover is to rearrange the furniture. Changing the position of a sofa or coffee table can provide a totally new look to your space. Sometimes a room has too many furniture pieces and removing one or relocating it to another place creates a spacious and different look.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

Furniture Swap

Rearrangement of furniture is not the only way to give a house a makeover. Swapping existing furniture with newly found antique pieces can provide the same refreshing effect. Old or antique items can often be found at low-cost at thrift stores, garage sales, or estate sales. So, let’s say, you have a dining room table that you love, but you’re not exactly crazy about the chairs. If you go “antiquing,” you have a chance to score some vintage chairs that perfectly compliment your table.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

Cleaning, Polishing and Painting

It is quite surprising how much of a difference cleaning and clearing away the clutter can make. Cleaning every nook and cranny of the house and discarding unnecessary objects can create much more space.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

If you have wooden furniture pieces that have seen better days, try giving them a polish to bring them back to life. Buy a polishing kit and use it to polish wooden cabinets, doors and floors too. The whole house will look sparkling!


If you cannot buy new furniture and have a limited budget, then changing curtains, bedding, cushion covers, and accent pillows can give you just the right amount of change you need.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

Switching fabrics is an inexpensive way to change up dull pieces. It’s not necessary to change everything but updating the upholstery or changing out curtains can give you a completely different look.

Indoor Plants

Adding a potted plant right beside a window gives any room a fresh and clean look. Plants are not at all expensive and just require a little bit of care but can completely transform the look of a home — not to mention the positive atmosphere that a natural, living, green plant creates. You can even decorate the planters to match the room’s aesthetics.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

The kitchen window can also be an excellent area for plants. You can even grow herbs to use when cooking.


Strategically placing a rug can significantly change a room’s whole look. Not only is it budget friendly, but it’s also an easy way to make a significant impact to any space.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

Adding a vase with flowers, a newspaper holder, or a bookshelf can transform that once unused corner into your own personal hideaway.

Bathroom Revamp

Renovating a bathroom is an expensive undertaking. But what can be done to make the updates easier on the pocket? Something as simple as changing out the faucets or installing new light fixtures is enough to revamp the space. Even adding in a new shower curtain can also spruce things up.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget


A well-lit room can uplift anyone’s mood. Similarly, muted or soft light can be relaxing, especially when you’re trying to unwind in the evening. Adjust the lighting of different rooms accordingly to achieve vibrancy and tranquility. If a room is too well lit and the light installed cannot be changed, consider buying lampshades to balance the amount of light. Also, if you need to brighten up a room and cannot install additional fixtures, then consider buying a lamp stand that can be strategically placed in the room.

Home Makeovers: 10 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

It can be challenging to give your home a makeover when sticking to a limited budget. But with a little creativity, you too can make those economical upgrades.