8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

Spring is that time of the year which inspires all and sundry, which is why it is considered as the best time to give your house a fresh makeover. It will not only improve the overall look of your place but also set a nice mood. A home is where your heart is, but if it looks dull and boring, your heart won’t find peace there. Redecorating your home is nothing less than art and nothing more than science. If you do it right, it can transform your place and your life completely. When you keep coming home to the same setting every day, you get tired of it. But when you have something new and beautiful to look forward to, your home experience will improve manifolds.

So, if you want to make a fresh change to your house, the following eight decorating ideas will go a long way in inspiring your house’s new look:

Unique Lighting:

Modern décor is all about mixing different trends. If old interior designs look dull and boring to you, it is probably because they mostly are matched with each other. If you are not experimenting with décor in 2019, then what else are you doing? You don’t have to spend too much to light up your house in a unique way. You can find different types of lights to spread throughout your place for an edgy look. From lamps and track lights to chandeliers and recessed lights, there are so many options to choose from. Try using track or recessed lights throughout your home and place lamps and chandeliers in living and dining rooms. Floor lamps are perfect for placing near study tables too. If chandeliers aren’t your thing, then you can check out pendant lights. They are pretty modern and look beautiful in all the rooms.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Shelve Up the Place:

Shelves can be used for different purposes. If your room is dull and you want it to become vibrant, then adding a colorful shelf full of vibrant decorative pieces and books with beautiful covers can liven up the place. On the other hand, if a room is already too bright and you want to tone it down a little bit, then a minimalistic shelf can do the trick. For the latter purpose, you can go with a plain white shelf and fill it with frames and decorative items of black and neutral colors. The size of the shelf will depend on the size of your room and the available space. If you have the space, then don’t be afraid to go for a shelf that covers a wall of your room completely. This grand shelf will make a good statement about your room.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Make a Graphic Statement:

Another great way to make your place look fabulous and fresh is by color-blocking the walls. If spring décor is what you are aiming for, then choose two pastel colors like yellow and purple and use each of them to paint one half of the wall. If you pick one darker color, then paint that one on the lower half of your wall and the lighter one above it. You can also change the proportion and paint one-quarter of the wall in one color and the rest in the other.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Spring Means Flowers:

You can’t achieve the perfect spring look without flowers. A huge variety of flowers is always available, especially in the spring season, so find the one that you believe to add up to the beauty and ambiance of your house. You can make your bedroom spring-themed by going for lavender or red rose-colored headboard and similar wallpaper. A simple wallpaper full of flowers can also do the trick, but another option is to go for one that has birds or butterflies along with flowers.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Organize Tools:

Spring means it is time for gardening. You can also start planning those summer fishing trips. But what do these things require? Tools. The ones you didn’t pay much attention to during winter. Organizing your tools is easier if you have a toolshed, but if you don’t, there is no need to worry. One great way of organizing tools is with the help of Velcro. Buy a few plastic storage boxes, get in touch with MPD Hook and Loop to find the best Velcro according to your need, and you will be all set to organize your tools. Wrap fishing cords and golf clubs with Velcro and place them in storage boxes. You can also use Velcro to hang tools on the wall. And don’t forget to attach a flashlight on the wall with Velcro for emergencies.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Outdoor Sitting Arrangement:

Sure, you can use floral wallpaper to bring the feel of spring in your house, but nothing can beat the real thing. Plant Bougainvillea in your courtyard and place a few chairs with an accent table near it to make a beautiful sitting arrangement that is full of spring vibes. Another idea is to plant it outside your living room window. You can spend time with guests inside and feel the spring effect through the window.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Indoor Swing:

Sounds a little too extra? Well, sometimes it is okay to be extra. Especially, if that means having a lot of fun. Who says swings are only for kids? Just get one in your living room and see the look on adults’ faces when they enter that room. Nothing can channel spring more than the playground things like swings and slides. Having them in your house will make you feel joyous even on rainy days.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Spring Symbols in Artworks:

Your house will be incomplete without a few artworks. A lot of modern artworks have spring symbols in them that can be perfect for your place. Go for art pieces that exude the energy of spring. But don’t pick the typical flower pictures. If it is not modern, you don’t need it. Another thing to look for is butterflies. If you spread butterfly shadowboxes throughout the place, it will let everyone know that spring has arrived here.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Home

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Now that you have the perfect decorating ideas for a fresh home look, it is time to get down to it and change the way your house flaunts its beauty and comfort.

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