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How to Decorate Your House with Travel Souvenirs?

Leaving your comfort zone can be quite rewarding if you manage to return to it every time with more than you had when you left. When talking about this, the majority of people immediately assume that we’re talking about experiences, friendships and knowledge and, while this is true, one must not forget physical mementos in the form of souvenirs. Those who manage to decorate their home with these souvenirs have a much easier job remembering these adventures and reliving them on a daily basis. Here are several tips.


The main reason why figurines are such a popular travel souvenir choice is the fact that they’re cheap, as well as compact. This means that getting them doesn’t break your travel budget and displaying them doesn’t take too much strategy or redecoration of the place. Provided that a figurine isn’t so small that it doesn’t represent a choking hazard for young children, you can literally place them on any flat surface in the room. Still, if you want to keep them all grouped together (as you should), you could assign them a special corner (countertop or a shelf) inside of your living room.

Keychain collection

There are many different souvenir types that you might want to display in your home, however, there are two types of items that are most commonly used here. The first one is the fridge magnets and, when it comes to them, it’s fairly self-explanatory (even within the name of the item), where they belong. The second type of souvenir is a keychain collection. The reason for this is the fact that these keychains are so inexpensive, interesting and easy to display. All you need here is a keychain board that you can easily get either by making it yourself or by ordering it from a platform specializing in the retail of Australian made gift ideas.

Money jar

One of the simplest ways to make mementos from your many journeys is to start a money jar and fill it with coins from all the different countries that you’ve visited. The reason why this is such a good idea is due to the fact that this kind of money jar is a fit regardless of the room or the position that you have in mind. Naturally, the jar has to be transparent in order to allow the colorful nature of these coins to grab the attention of your home’s visitors. Just keep in mind that, before you reach this critical mass of coins (enough different coin varieties), this option might not be as impressive.


Photographs are mementos that you can also see as travel souvenirs, which is why you might need a cunning and creative way of displaying them. First of all, every souvenir shop that you visit has some frames in offer. Getting just one to take back home can give you a logical and thematically fitting solution to this idea. You can also use one wall within your living room and paint a giant map of the world on it. Then, you can frame each of these photographs in a place where they’re taken. The hardest part of this job lies in choosing just one photograph per journey. This way, you can use it as an interactive visited countries chart.

In conclusion

The last thing you need to understand is the fact that the growth of your collection is nothing but a side-effect of your adventurous lifestyle. The more you travel, the more impressive it gets and decorating your home with items picked up along the way becomes an easier task. Sure, this also means that these items will take up more room within your home, yet, it also makes it all appear more seamless and organic. In other words, travel first and worry about souvenir decoration later on.

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