It’s not uncommon to forgo your exercise because you’re on vacation. Admittedly, it’s tough to take care of your health when you have so many sights to see and so many foods to try. Coming back to your regular routine and dealing with post-vacation blues is difficult on its own. It’s even worse when you lose the body you had worked so hard to achieve.

It’s just better if you could maintain your fitness during your travel. The good news is that, if you’re committed, staying fit on the road is easy. Whether you’re a travel addict or not, here are some simple and stress-free ways to maintain and improve your fitness while traveling.

Combine your workout and your travel

Exercise should never become a burden. Instead, incorporate your exercise into your adventures. For example, going on Muir woods tours will let you complete your workout along with your exploration. Hiking through this national monument will give your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip muscles, and leg muscles a thorough workout. The best part about exercising in this scenic location is that you could even complete a few push-ups in this beautiful location!

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Don’t let the “vacation mindset” stop you

A lot of us feel that a vacation is just for rest and relaxation. However, keeping fit is also a major part of any vacation. After all, you want to stay healthy, energetic, and active for the rest of your trip. Even if you don’t have access to a gym, use your creativity to figure out other ways to exercise. The only way to overcome the vacation mindset is to make a commitment to your fitness and plan your exercise schedule in advance.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Make a commitment

While it’s easy to get tempted, resist the urge to skip exercises when your traveling. The longer you travel, the more you need to push yourself to exercise. After all, you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As you wake up every morning, remember to work out and make it your priority of the day. Your determination is key – think about your fitness levels first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Get motivated by reminding yourself every morning – you don’t want to miss a workout!

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Never miss your workout two times in a row

Travel can be busy and tiring. However, constantly missing your exercises will get you no closer to your fitness dream. It can actually undo all the hard work you’ve put into your body. Keeping track of your workouts and being accountable is essential. After all, skipping one day of exercise is easy, but the second one becomes even easier.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Stay hydrated

The benefits of drinking a lot of water are very well-known. Although, many travelers don’t actually drink the required amount of water during their travel. Drinking water will help you manage weight loss by keeping you full, healthy, and energetic. It will also flush out toxins and clear your skin. You can easily find bottled water in many parts of the world. If you’re not sure, carry a high-quality water filtration bottle with you at all times.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Make working out a constant activity during your trip

Travel is, after all, an unpredictable adventure. You will have no clue about what you might find in your new environment. That’s why it’s important to make your exercises a top priority. If you heavily rely on a gym, note down some exercises you can do at any place.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Crunches, planks, push-ups, and squats are good options you can try out. Locate a nearby park, playground or some open space to start exercising. You can even workout during your downtime in your room. It doesn’t matter how busy you are; always have time set for your daily workout.

Plan ahead

When you prepare the itinerary of your trip, you would most likely use a checklist to keep track of your progress. Similarly, you need to plan ahead for your fitness as well. To create the fitness schedule, use digital calendars to plan your exercise timings. Set up alerts to remind you to exercise.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Remember to pack enough gym clothes for your workout to last the entire trip. Carry along your sneakers and a yoga mat, if needed. The appropriate attire for exercising will also ensure that you’re in the right mood.

Follow a healthy diet

Yes, you are on vacation, but you still need to eat healthily. Avoid junk food and move towards a balanced diet. That doesn’t mean you should stay away from the local cuisine. Instead, enjoy the local food items without going overboard. If you have an unhealthy dinner, eat less the following day. Also, never eat two unhealthy and heavy meals in a row. Moderation is key!

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Don’t skip your breakfast as it gives you the energy you need to keep you going throughout the day. If you have the option, cook your own food as it’s much healthier. Especially if you’re traveling for a longer period of time, eating out every time can get tiresome and expensive. It’s much better to buy from the local grocery store, cook your own meals, and enjoy them. So, choose a hotel, hostel or Airbnb that comes with a microwave oven, kitchen or kitchenette.

Exercise wisely

If you’re really busy and tired, don’t try to complete your exercises but don’t skip them too. Pacing your workouts will ensure you don’t feel burned out. Keep the length of each workout small and frequent. Ideally, you should try to do 45 minutes of exercise every day. It doesn’t matter if you do it in 10-minute bursts or complete in one stretch.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Whenever you start a workout, give some time to warm-up exercises and then move on to the heavy workout. Alternate between cardio and muscle building exercises to maintain variety. Of course, take advantage of your travel and give yourself a workout by having fun. After all, the best kind of exercises are ones that don’t feel like it!