Honolulu is one of the world’s top vacation spots for a reason; this beautiful island city offers everything you need to relax and thrive. If you’re headed to Hawaii this year, follow these steps to have a perfect vacation experience.

Find a Place to Stay

Finding the right place to stay on vacation will completely revitalize your travel experience. The modern tourist has a lot of down time between events; instead of staying in a stuffy hotel room, you need somewhere comfortable where you can feel at home. That’s why today’s traveler prefers to stay in a fully-furnished vacation rental that’s located right by all of the important hot spots. Lounge on the bed, cook dinner in the kitchen, and end out the night relaxing on the porch while you take in that beautiful Honolulu view.

How to Best Plan Your Vacation in Honolulu

Tour the Local Scenery

Scenery is one of the best reasons to take a vacation somewhere new. If you’re already staying in Honolulu, be sure to head down to Waikiki beach to enjoy the famously soft sands and gentle waves. Take a dip in the water, sunbathe on the beach, or go scuba diving to see the amazing underwater ecosystem. The next day, you can pack up your party for a thrilling climb to the top of Diamond Head State Monument, an inactive volcano with an impressive visual profile. Honolulu is full of tour guides who will be happy to show you the best spots. Otherwise, you can get in your car and simply drive around.

How to Best Plan Your Vacation in Honolulu

Pick Your Favorite Restaurants

After you’re exhausted from a day out in the sun, it’s time to head back to your vacation rental and think about where you’re going to get dinner. Instead of waiting in line or dealing with a bustling lobby, many of today’s savvy tourists simply order takeout or delivery back to the place where they’re staying. Enjoy the privacy, safety, and at-home comfort of your rental while you dine on the finest food that Honolulu has to offer. You can select your favorite restaurants while you’re planning the trip, or you can simply relax and see which places are open when you’re ready to eat.

How to Best Plan Your Vacation in Honolulu

Going on vacation in the modern world is all about taking in the sights while reducing your stress. Find a good place to stay, plan a few activities, and give yourself plenty of time to go with the flow. Honolulu has more than enough fun things to do, so don’t be afraid to extend your stay; once you hear the crash of the island waves, you’ll never want to go home.