Going on a family vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly risky, but there are ways that you can stay safe if you decide to travel. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Take a Road Trip

Flying is traditionally the faster and safer way to travel across the country, but it’s also an easier way to spread COVID. Airlines have taken steps to limit the spread of the virus, but there’s only so much you can do when everyone is stuck breathing recirculated air in a pressurized cabin. On the other hand, family road trips might actually be the safer alternative right now. Going on a road trip means that you don’t have to share a space with strangers when you’re traveling, and you can be more socially distant when you have to make a stop.

How to Have a Safe Family Vacation During COVID-19

This doesn’t mean that you can ignore safety guidelines if you do drive across the country. You should still wear a mask over your nose and mouth whenever you stop anywhere, and you should remain at least six feet away from others. You will also need to plan your stops more diligently than before since restaurants and stores will be more likely to be closed. Check online to see what places are still open to the public before you get on the road.

Stay at a Safe Hotel

If you plan to stay at a hotel, make sure that it is safe to do so. Many hotels will tell you that they’ve been taking extra precautions to ensure that their rooms are clean and sanitized for their guests, but some are better about it than others. Read online reviews to find out what other guests have to say about a hotel’s COVID response, and don’t be afraid to call and speak to someone directly. Ideally, any hotel you visit should fully sanitize every surface in a room before your stay, and they should limit the number of guests they have at any time. If you have any doubts about a hotel’s safety, look elsewhere.

How to Have a Safe Family Vacation During COVID-19

Visit Remote Areas

Certain tourist destinations will still be crowded and unsafe right now, so head off the beaten path and go someplace more remote instead. Take your family camping in the middle of nowhere, book a private vacation rental, or go someplace where there are plenty of outdoor activities that allow you to be socially distant.

How to Have a Safe Family Vacation During COVID-19

You might be itching to get out and explore on a family vacation. There are ways to make sure you still stay safe during this time. Remember the above tips and make sure your vacation stays socially distant.