If you’re an artist selling art prints online, then you probably spend a lot of time trying to make your prints look as good as possible. You know that the quality of your prints can have a significant impact on how much you charge for them, and you don’t want to sell yourself short by charging too little or looking unprofessional. This guide on how to make your art prints look high quality will help you improve the way your prints look so you can charge more for them and still be able to produce more per hour.

Use Premium Quality Printing Materials

Use a premium quality paper and canvas that’s thick enough so you can print your design on it. The added texture and detail from using good materials will make your prints look high quality. If you only want to produce small quantities of prints, buying a higher-end printer might be more cost-effective than buying expensive materials. Also, if there are any defects in your material or printing process, they’ll be much easier to spot with a thicker canvas or paper.

How to Make Your Art Prints Higher Quality so You Can Charge More for Them

Keep in mind that some printers will have their recommendations on what type of paper they should use. If yours doesn’t (or if you don’t plan on doing many orders), use one that has high reviews online.

Get Them Professionally Printed

If you’re considering working with a professional printer, there are plenty of ways you can get high-quality prints with minimal investment. Start with researching local or online fine art printing shops. These businesses offer a variety of methods for printing artwork. Companies like ​​Lithography Solutions LLC provide high-quality lithography prints that are sure to exceed their customers’ standards.

How to Make Your Art Prints Higher Quality so You Can Charge More for Them

Avoid Common Printing Mistakes

Before making a print of your artwork, make sure it’s as clean and neat as possible. After all, a single smudge or crooked line can make an entire print look sloppy. Additionally, avoid making your prints too small as a smaller print size means less detail and less room for error. Smaller details are more likely to get lost among shadows or lines (or simply disappear) when viewed from afar or up close.

How to Make Your Art Prints Higher Quality so You Can Charge More for Them

High-quality art prints can make all the difference when it comes to your artwork being taken seriously and making money online with your art. Keep this information in mind as you learn more about how to make your art prints look high quality.