You just came back from an exciting vacation, and your memory card is now loaded with many travel photos. You wouldn’t want to let them stay there forever. You have several photo display options so you could relive the precious moments you had. Here are seven brilliant suggestions:

1. Wall Art

You can turn your travel photos into wall art for display in your interiors. It’s best to work with a professional wall art producer for quality purposes. They’ll usually require you to send your image in digital format and specify the dimensions and type of wall art you need.

When it comes to dimensions, the bigger you go, the better. Large art prints have a more significant visual impact than smaller ones. Viewers should also make out the contents of the image comfortably from wherever they’re seated in your house.

7 Brilliant Ways To Display Travel Photos

As for the type, you have options such as canvas prints, posters, framed prints, metal prints, and paintings. Each one of these has unique characteristics and benefits. For instance, metal prints are the most durable. Images printed on aluminum sheets also bear an unequaled color vibrancy. Meanwhile, canvas prints are considered classy among many modern homeowners. Posters are a budget-friendly option, whereas framed prints are popular because of their rich history. So, choose the one that matches your taste and preferences.

2. Social Media

Posting your travel photos on social media platforms might be the easiest way to share your amusing moments with as many friends as possible. It’s unlike displaying them at your home, where only your family and visitors will see them.

7 Brilliant Ways To Display Travel Photos

Thus, if you like flaunting before your friends, upload your pictures on your favorite social media network. Then, wait for your followers’ comments, likes, and shares.

3. Photo Book

The good old album has never gone out of fashion, despite the tendency of many people to store their photos in soft copy form. Remember, you’ll not always hand over your phone to your visitors for them to see your photos. Printing and inserting them into a photobook make it easy for any interested person to see your travel photos.

You can also caption each photo with the exact location they were taken or your mood during the shot. That’s an excellent way to showcase your creativity to friends and family.

7 Brilliant Ways To Display Travel Photos

4. Map

Another brilliant idea is to pin the photos onto a map, depending on where they were shot. You’ll need a large cork map on the wall for this. Then, select the best photo for each country or region you visited, for example, Australia, South America, Africa, the United States, Russia, or Europe. You’d want to be extra choosy and display only one photo for each travel destination. This way, your map won’t look overcrowded.

7 Brilliant Ways To Display Travel Photos

5. Phone Case

You carry your phone everywhere you go, be it to your school, workplace, or any random outing. Thus, it’s a perfect spot to display a travel photo you’re deeply in love with. You only need a transparent phone case for this purpose.

7 Brilliant Ways To Display Travel Photos

Print your photo to dimensions that match the backside of your phone. Remember to cut out holes for the camera, spotlight, and fingerprint sensor. You’ll have the chance to steal a glance at your favorite travel memories whenever you use the phone.

6. Mural

A mural is an oversized artwork, usually engraved on the walls. Suppose you photographed a surreal landscape while on vacation. In such a case, you can print a large image of the same and cover one of your interior walls with it. Nature photography has always been in trend, and you can’t go wrong with it.

7 Brilliant Ways To Display Travel Photos

Alternatively, you can hire a reliable mural artist to paint the image. That’s a perfect way of recalling the wonderful moments you had while on holiday.

7. Calendar

Designing a custom calendar with your travel photos is a perfect way to remember your escapades all year round. You can have one image for each of the 12 months. This way, every new month brings fresh memories of your latest trip.

7 Brilliant Ways To Display Travel Photos

You can have photos from different trips, depending on the exact month you traveled. Matching each shot with the travel month adds a vibe to the display. For instance, a photo of you sunbathing on the beach in the Southern Hemisphere in December may help you forget the challenges of the winter cold.


There are numerous ways you can display your travel photos. The seven-point list here is in no way exhaustive, but it can serve as a good starting point. Whichever option you choose, it’s your creativity that will help create a vivid visual impact. Moreover, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of professionals for anything you may not do personally.