Sleep is a state of rest encompassing both the physical and mental state of the human body, and as such, should be observed properly.

The bedroom may sometimes become unconducive. Despite the quietness of the room, thick wide mattress, and whirling fan, sleep may just have a way of eluding you. And even when you have the feeling that something is amiss, you may still be unable to point out what it could be.

Listed below are few tips you can apply to get the perfect environment needed for your desired sleep.

Get All Bright Lights Low

You may begin by removing bright bulbs meant for study rooms and hallways of modern house designs. This will give it a cool feel and low light intensity saturating the room space. Bulbs enclosed in lampshades, bedside lamps, and colored fancy bulbs are what your bedroom needs to give off a relaxed atmosphere.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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Colored and dull lights will make your eyes wear out quickly and put them in a condition where you’ll need to rest them by sleeping.

You can go as far as putting off the light entirely, depending on your preference.

Make Your Bed Comfortable

One reason why you may be having sleepless nights is the squeaky sound your bed makes whenever you make a turn while sleeping. It could also be that your mattress is old and deformed, having a hollow center. This would lead to back pain, which is capable of turning your sleep into a nightmare.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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In cases where your bed squeaks a lot, oil its springs and joints if possible. If you plan to go for a new mattress, carefully choose a reliable brand that will last longer.

Allow Proper Ventilation

Just as sweating during the day can get pretty annoying and uncomfortable, so is sweating at night. Having to wake up in the middle of the night and find your mattress soaked with your sweat is enough to keep your skin irritated and probably keep you awake throughout the night.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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If opening the windows for ventilation won’t be possible, then install an air conditioner or station a noiseless fan in a corner of your bedroom.

Ventilation is important to keep the air fresh and prevent breathing problems.

No Noise

After subjecting your ears to unavoidable noise during the day, it is only normal to take a rest or sleep in a noiseless environment. Get rid of noise for a peaceful sleep. Your ears, as well as other senses of your body, need to be at full rest during sleep.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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In cases where these noises are unavoidable probably due to the closeness of the home to the road or the noisiness of your neighbors, consider applying techniques in soundproofing your bedroom, calling the environment agencies to intervene, or relocating entirely to a noiseless environment.

Your health is important. And the lack of sleep is the beginning of a failed health.

Scent the Air a Little

The smell of a bedroom is an underrated factor in determining a peaceful sleep. Even though the stale air of the room may not prevent you from falling asleep, having the air sprayed with a little fragrance will calm the nerves responsible for transmitting smell to the brain.

The aim is to achieve a state where all senses of the body are at optimal rest and not just a forced sleep.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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However, care should be taken not to spray the room with harsh air fresheners, as this may lead to catarrh, air poisoning, or suffocation.

Avoid using air fresheners entirely if a toddler is sharing the bed with you. Only keep the air pure – and you’re set for a good night’s rest.

Get Rid of Insects and Rodents

The constant movement of insects and rodents in the room is very annoying. Most of these insects, such as mosquitoes, are naturally drawn to the human body. They’re bound to keep feasting and hovering around you whenever you lay to sleep.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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Rodents, especially rats, are also known for their night movements in search of food. These unwanted creatures can deprive you of good sleep if you don’t eliminate them.

Try applying insecticides and pesticides in strategic areas of your bedroom. Also, keep the fan or air conditioner on; they help to keep the mosquitoes floating.

Turn Off the Alarms

Except for the days when you would need your alarm clock to wake you up from sleep, turn them off before sleeping. Alarms are a huge interruption. In some cases, they may steal away your sleep for the remainder of the night.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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Maintain Neat Beddings

Your bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and other beddings should be devoid of stains and unpleasant smells. The stale smell and irritation caused on your skin could hamper your sleep.

Also, dirty beddings attract insects and micro-organisms that won’t only make your sleep uncomfortable but will also cause you to fall sick in the long run.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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In addition to keeping your beddings neat, it’s best to always arrange them properly before stepping out for the day’s activity. Coming home to meet a made bed could set you up mentally for a nice sleep.

Make Your Room Spacious

Sleeping in a stuffy room does not only limit the movement of fresh air but also causes you to feel uneasy, especially if you’re claustrophobic (scared of being confined in a limited space). Even if your room happens to be small, you can arrange your belongings properly to maximize space. The feeling that comes with having a spacious and arranged room precedes having a great sleep.

How to Make Your Bedroom Perfect For Sleep

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