Long Beach is an ideal tourist destination in Los Angeles. You can explore various attractions on the beach itself when you decide to spend your weekend here. Long Beach is a beautiful coastal place in California with nice weather during summer so that you can enjoy this beach town in Los Angeles. Southern California is well known for a large aquarium that attracts both kids and adults for scenic tours. People can also enjoy art walks and shop at Long Beach, along with Gondola rides.

Long Beach – A Perfect Tourist Spot

Best Time to Experience Long Beach

Long Beach offers the best weather during the summer and spring seasons. This is the best time to enjoy activities at Long Beach and make the most of this beach town in Los Angeles. Long Beach also has an aquarium that attracts children and adults during the best time of the season. Tourists can also plan tours to animal parks near Long Beach.

How to Plan a Day Trip to Long Beach?

Visit Museums

There is an ancient art museum which is functional since 1945. The museum reflected the culture of Latin America when it was created. It offers free-of-cost art walks and free events, street fairs on the 1st Friday of every month. This is the best way to stay entertained at Long Beach.

How to Plan a Day Trip to Long Beach?

Attractions at Long Beach

The attractions at Long Beach include a Ride in the Gondola Boat, which is pretty and popular. Young couples often use the boat to propose to their partner. This beautiful Gondola ride is special and great to enjoy with loved ones. The nightlife at Long Beach is another attraction for tourists. Observation bar Queen Mary is a popular bar in Long Beach to enjoy drinks. Room at the Breakers is another bar that offers an outdoor dining experience and a coastal view of Southern California which is a pretty sight at night.

How to Plan a Day Trip to Long Beach?

Busy Roads at Long Beach

Long Beach is remarkably busy during the annual Toyota Grand Prix. During this time, avoid all roads that reach the beach as you may face a bad traffic situation. There are several roads near the long beach which experience the situation of bad traffic. Long Beach has between 2,500-3,000 accidents (Source The Accident Guys Long Beach) per year. These roads are Lakewood Boulevard North of Spring Street and Studebaker Road North of the second street. These streets experience the maximum traffic issues at Long Beach. It is a good idea to avoid such roads during the peak hours to reach Long Beach.

How to Plan a Day Trip to Long Beach?

Uber and Lyft to commute to Long Beach

Uber and Lyft service is available at an affordable cost to commute to Long beach when you plan to have drinks at a bar. Uber and Lyft have various pickup points visible in the Uber app for general passengers to book. This is a safe option to commute back to your place of stay. You can also choose a hotel nearby the beach to save costs on Uber and Lyft service.

How to Plan a Day Trip to Long Beach?


Long Beach is a beautiful tourist destination that offers many activities and attraction spots that are great for children and adults. Long Beach has some beautiful museums that have a unique charm. There are many other tourist attractions like nightlife and Gondola rides. Tourists can also shop at various shops available in Long Beach. During busy periods, tourists should avoid busy roads to reach Long Beach to prevent a traffic jam.