Owning an RV is the ultimate freedom; whenever you want to get away, you can just pack up the van and hit the road. The ease and supreme functionality of Recreational Vehicles make them well worth the investment, providing you with a ‘Relaxing Vacation’ any time of year.

Of course, the close quarters of RV life doesn’t suit everyone, and indeed even the keenest converts can occasionally feel the stresses of shared accommodation, especially if traveling with relatives, both young and old. So what can you do to make sure your next RV holiday is full of fun, and no family drama?

How to RV as a Family

Prepare for long days on the road

Depending on where you choose to take your motorhome — e.g. in or out of the state — it’s possible you’ll face a couple of long days on the road. If so, plan ahead to avoid cabin fever setting in with the kids, and their over-activity and boredom driving you wild!

How to RV as a Family

Task the children with packing their own bags of travel entertainment — maybe books, video games, art supplies — but also make sure you store some surplus options too! Travel-size board games are great for all the family to get involved in, because how many rounds of ‘I spy…’ can you sit through?

Take time choosing where to stay

Once you arrive, having lots of things to do will be central to everyone’s happiness. If you’re vacationing with kids, check that there are play parks, museums or outdoor activities to keep them entertained — plus, the more tired they are at the end of the day, the sooner they’ll fall asleep and the sooner the adults can get some quiet time!

How to RV as a Family

Equally, you’ll want to keep yourself busy with interesting — or relaxing — pastimes, be it shopping, hiking, golf or just laying back enjoying the fine weather. So, identifying a location that serves everyone is definitely in your interest. For instance, if you want to explore the great outdoors, check in with St George Tourism to see what’s going down in Utah right now; alternatively, if you want a city break, look towards one of the great metropolitans.

Give each other space

To remedy the long days of travel time, everyone in the family will benefit from personal space. This is no bad thing, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, even a couple of hours away from the group will make the time you do spend together all the more enjoyable.

How to RV as a Family

Remember to respect your relatives’ space, especially if you’ve got grandparents in the group who may need a little R&R from the hyper kids! If you’re away with a larger group of relatives, consider packing a spare tent, or tents, to give some couples added privacy. It’s important that you contemplate and support what your travel buddies are looking for on this trip, and give them the leeway to achieve it.

Family RV holidays: they’re easy to get right!

All it takes it a little forward planning and discussion with everyone in the travel party, to make sure you book the right location, and give everyone the elements they need to have a great family break! Be mindful of personal space and make sure you’re taking advantage of all there is to do during your trip.

How to RV as a Family