Home Entry Decorating Ideas

Your home should be able to portray your sense of aesthetics in the best possible way and your entryway is the most impressionable spot of your house and hence the right spot to begin decorating your way. This goes without saying that you should ensure that it is a lucrative one for any person who is entering your house.

Even for those who have a less of to-do, an entryway space serves a lot of functions. It is the place to hang up the coat, to take off the shoes and to hang the car keys and to reverse any of these at the time of going out. It is also the place that sets the tone of the rest of the space and so make sure it is a good one.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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Think of the entry as your welcome mat. It is well-travelled but no one spends much time there once they are inside.  So here are some ways in which you can decorate your entryway with statement pieces and high-impact accents that are capable of saying hello to every person entering your household.

The Welcome Mat and the Runner

The door can be said to be the first point of contact for any person visiting your place but it’s the view after a few knocks where the actual impression starts building. That is why you need to upgrade your welcome mat or runner that sets a worldly and classic tone. If you don’t want a runner you can paint a portion of floor just after the doorway. Keep it clear so that there is openness in the field and you should not let it extend in the openness of the hallway. You must ensure that the front door opens freely.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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Create an Eye-catching Wall

Oversize and large illustrations or masterpieces always set a chic tone. You should play with the scale while creating interesting vignettes. You can frame the unused pieces of wallpaper if you want to design it affordably. You can use the same principle by bringing together a number of ornamental mirrors that will look dramatic on a dark wall.  However, investing in the perfect statements pieces is capable of creating an elevated entryway that leaves a lasting impression.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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Go for Both the Function and Fashion

At the time of entering a house it is vital to lead the guests inside with a mix of eclectic décor items that extend from the ceiling to the floor. So you can bring together fresh peonies and polished brass with a decorative horn and leather stools. This way you can combine glam touches with the practical purposes.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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Let There be Light

For a quick and fashionable fix, you can go for a lighting in an entryway. You can suspend a chandelier or a pendant for the overhead lighting so that the bottom is about six feet above the floor. You can lose the visual effect if you hang it much higher. A chic pendant light or chandelier can be truly transformative without any risk of clutter.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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Decorate the Staircase

You can line the staircase with family photos that happens to be a classic tactic. You can really provide an impact by making a tight arrangement in the frames of the same colour and style in three or four sizes. You can also paint the stairs with vibrant and deep colours for greeting your visitors. The glossy finish and dark tones can also conceal the scuff marks. You can go for adding to the banister, winding it with a garland of fairy lights or silk flowers to go with the holiday.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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Seating Arrangement

A simple way to make the guests feel at home is to get a seat that is positioned prominently in the entryway. Benches and chairs alike provide a practical solution for sitting down while taking off the shoes or putting them on.  You can also pair up the entry seating with plants or throw pillows that showcase your personal style and that act as a great preview for the rest of the room. You can pop the chair up by covering it up with a flamboyant fabric. For this you can also recycle a tablecloth that you no longer use for this.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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Mix and Match

A console table happens to be a classic choice for adorning the entryway with a few chic pieces and a little bit of surface areas to set the mail or keys. But at the time of styling console vignette you should remember the rule of three.  You can go for a stack of books with a sculptural object next to a photo frame. Apart from that a floral arrangement together with a catch-all tray and an interesting lamp can also create a statement.

Home Entry Decorating Ideas

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The above are some of the home entry décor ideas suggested by the professionals of the renowned furniture hire company that has been in this domain since many years now and has ample experience in providing the right décor for a number of successful events.

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