A summer vacation is the best way to beat the heat of the hot summer season and spend some quality time with the family. These days, most of the people prefer adding adventure and thrill to their family summer vacation, instead of simply exploring a new place. The major reason behind this trend is that adventure gives the perfect break from the stress of daily life and brings refreshment. In addition to this, adventure offers an unforgivable experience while helping in boosting the willpower of the kids. Summer is the right time to go for a holiday especially in India as the country is the hub of many interesting adventure activities, many of which are suitable for children and amateurs and, therefore, be undertaken by the complete family.

Here is a list of the top 10 desirable summer family adventure ideas in India.

10. Heli Skiing:

Heli skiing refers to skiing on remote mountains, which can normally be reached only though helicopters. Accompanied by a ski instructor, snowboarders and skiers are taken by a helicopter to the off-piste landscape in order to offer a thrilling experience. Heli skiing is one of the most popular adventure sports in India and among families as even the beginners can learn to ski on the snowy trails. Some of the ideal slopes for heli skiing in India are Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Rohtang Pass and Chanderkhani Pass near Manali.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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9. Hot air ballooning:

Hot air ballooning is a new adventure activity in India that is fast growing in popularity. It allows adventure lovers to have a peaceful and stunning view of India’s natural beauty from a place quite high above the land. Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan is one of the most opted adventure activities among the tourists who embark on family summer vacations in India. The flight on a hot air balloon starts from near Jaipur, heads towards Pushkar and finally lands at the spectacular Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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8. Paragliding:

Paragliding is done on a free flying glider, which has to be started with the foot. The activity is perfect for every age group above twelve. Paragliding in Manali allows adventure junkies to fly like a bird in the sky and turn their dream of flying like a bird into a reality. Flying a paraglider is a popular family adventure activity that almost hit on to the list of most of tourists planning a summer vacation tour to India and seeking for enthralling adventure activity.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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7. Snorkeling:

During the summers, a family holiday in India is incomplete without snorkeling in the deep blue water of Andaman. Apart from being one of the best adventure activities in the hot summer, snorkeling allows one to explore the tropical coral reefs and enjoy playing with colorful fishes. This impressing adventure activity is ideal for discovering the exotic underwater ecosystem. One just needs to enter a deep empire of the underwater world to witness the beautiful marine life by trying out snorkeling.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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6. Skiing:

Skiing is regarded as one of the ultimate adventure activities for all nature lovers who are looking for a vacation in a place surrounded with mountains and covered with heavy snow. It is an interesting adventure activity wherein the participant attaches skis to the shoes or boots on the feet in order to use them for traveling on snow. Gulmarg in India is the 7th best skiing destination of Asia. It is one of the popular adventure activities among tourists on a family trip in India.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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5. Other Water Sports in India:

Water sports like jet skiing, windsurfing, para sailing, banana boat rides and water skiing in India are gaining in popularity. These are some of the best adventure activities for the family adventure tour during summers and can be undertaken by untrained participants under the guidance of experts. Apart from enjoying swimming in cool water during summer, one can experience real thrill and adventure by undertaking various water sports in Goa and have many everlasting memories.

4. Camping:

Camping is one of the most in demand family outing in India. It is an ideal way of spending quality time right in the lap of the nature and feeling the fresh air nearby the river, beach or the sea. One of the most recommended camping destinations in India is Rishikesh beach camping for families. Rishikesh is counted among one of the best places to camp in summers. It allows families to stay together in camps located close to the river Ganga and enjoy food, bonfire and several adventure outdoor adventure activities.

Camping near the river or seashore in India is a great way to escape the annoying heat of the sun during summer. It connects individuals with nature and helps them to feel revitalized and refreshed. While camping close to the river, one can go for river rafting and other adventure sports with one’s family and add some lifetime memories during their family tour to Indiaduring summer.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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3. Wildlife Jeep Safari:

Wildlife jeep safari in Jim Corbett National Park is another interesting adventure activity for a family. It offers a refreshing getaway to all the wildlife lovers seeking for thrill and adventure. Wildlife jeep safari has become an exciting family adventure activity in India over a period of time. In addition to offering a thrilling experience of seeing rare and popular animals, it allows children to acquaint themselves with the wild nature about which they must have read in their textbooks.

Jeep safari tour in India is one of the best options available for exploring the wildlife of the country. It allows individuals to enter the forest and cover maximum area within a time period while spotting a variety of animals and birds on the way. It helps in experiencing the real adventure and gaining knowledge about the rich wildlife of India during the family adventure vacation.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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2. Trekking:

Trekking in the great Himalayas is on the top of the list of the foreigners during summer vacation in India. The country is blessed with several short, long and easy treks that are ideal for family trekking like Valley of Flowers trek, Chopta trek, etc. Trekking leaves travelers with an unforgettable experience. It takes them from the beautiful valleys, lust green forest to high snow capped mountains.

The beautiful landscapes in India are a paradise for individuals on family adventure tour. One can simply choose trekking in snow capped mountains in the north or south of the country and keep away from the burning heat in the summer season. Walking on easy, moderate or rough tracks together with exploring the natural beauty of the region will give a mesmerizing experience to the complete family and lead to a mind-blowing family trip in summer.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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1. River Rafting:

White water rafting expedition in India is one of the most popular adventure activities among adventure enthusiast on a family holiday during the sweating summers. It allows them to enjoy a boat ride in the splashing water of the mighty Ganga River and face some daring rapids on the way. River rafting and camping in Rishikesh is a great way of adding more fun and adventure to the family outing.

Popular since the mid 1970s, White water rafting in India is a popular option for families. The thrilling rapids coming on the way while rafting leave rafters with a lifetime experience. Every rafting boat is accompanied by a trained professional who guides the group. This makes rafting a safe and fun activity for a family, especially in summers.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India

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