Winter is almost over and families are getting prepared for sunny days. Spring break is the time of the year most people look forward to in the US. Therefore, it’s best to prepare a nice vacation for yourself and your family members.

Most families spend vacations on rental properties due to prices and space. You want your family to enjoy their break from work and school. A vacation is no good if you can’t enjoy your time off. So you want to choose the best vacation rental that fits your budget and meets all of your needs. Finding a clean place where you can feel safe and comfortable is crucial.

Not every property management company keeps their rentals clean and sufficient, therefore, it is crucial that you find the perfect place that your kids can enjoy.

Incredible Spring Break Vacation Rentals in the US for Families

We present you with some of the best spring break vacation rentals in the US for families.


If your family members have missed hot days and the beach, you can take them on a trip to hot parts of the country. A spring break can be exceptional if you take your family to tropical parts of the US where they can enjoy the heat.

Incredible Spring Break Vacation Rentals in the US for Families

Casa de las Palmas – Long Beach, Belmont Shore, CA

Casa de las Palmas is the perfect vacation rental for families that would like to enjoy the beach on their spring vacation. Located at The Belmont Shore beach, just 280 steps from a wide sandy beach with paved bike paths.

Incredible Spring Break Vacation Rentals in the US for Families

The rental offers 2 bedrooms with a queen bed, 2 twin beds, and a living room with a sleeper sofa. The Spanish retreat has been beautifully restored from when it was built in the 1930s. However, the rental has not lost its charm of the era. The home is 1 188 sq. feet full of airy space and allows its residents to enjoy great relaxation.

There are over 40 restaurants just minutes away from the rental. You and your family members can enjoy multiple activities, hot beach days, and nice meals!

Townhome – Kissimmee, Florida

Townhome is a vacation community that is located only 4 miles from Disneyland and only a few minutes away from Universal. You and your children can easily visit Sea World and multiple other water parks that are all around the rental.

The place is in Central Florida, so you and your partner can enjoy playing golf on the top-rated golf courses in the US. many of which are only minutes away from Storey Lake. the rental allows you to enjoy shopping sprees, visit multiple top-rated restaurants, and a Celebration town inspired by Disney.

Incredible Spring Break Vacation Rentals in the US for Families

This rental is perfect for families that love to enjoy fun activities in spring, visit the beach, and spend time in water parks. A large family of up to 8 members can freely enjoy the retreat as the rental has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It features air conditioning, a fitness room, and a dock for a boat.

By choosing this rental for your trip, you will give your kids the best vacation experience by visiting Disneyland and showing them the Florida beach.


If your family loves trips to the mountains, spring break is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the green nature and beautiful scenery. The US has a lot of high points to offer with gorgeous sights.

Incredible Spring Break Vacation Rentals in the US for Families

Mountain Top Paradise – Salt Lake City, Utah

Mountain top paradise is an amazing place to enjoy nature and mountain bike rides with your children in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The rental is located only 10 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah. The property offers gorgeous sights of Emigration Canyon. The property is private with a 25-acre space and so your family can enjoy a completely relaxing mountain retreat experience. A stone archway creates additional beauty, as for the electric gate, you can feel completely safe in this large space of land that rises up to 7000 feet.

Incredible Spring Break Vacation Rentals in the US for Families

Youtube to enjoy exclusive mountain sights that will bring your family members absolute and much-needed relaxation this spring! You get to escape everyday life with the pretty sights of the skyline and isolation from the loud world. Complete with fresh air and views to die for, this rental will give you complete enjoyment.

You can bring a whole extended family here as this place can be shared by 18 people, with three bedrooms, a private pool, a private hot tub, three bathrooms, and even a heated dog house for your favorite pets!

Brookside Condominiums – Jackson, Wyoming

Brookside Condominiums is a condo that is close to shopping and dining opportunities. Your family will not get bored as there are multiple entertaining activities to do around it, like live music and restaurants.

The condo is located in a quiet and beautiful place downtown, so you can also enjoy evening walks and relax by the creek. The condo offers a wonderful patio with amazing and relaxing sights and an enjoyable breeze. The sunlight reaches the lawn just right and you can enjoy Grant Teton National Park sights as well as Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as the rental is just 20 minutes away from it.

Incredible Spring Break Vacation Rentals in the US for Families

The condo is 780 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms and available space for four people to sleep. One full bathroom, a kitchen, and a deck to enjoy the spring days with your loved ones by playing table games and engaging in conversations.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of vacation you and your family members fancy, you can relax in any type of place when you are in the US. The amazing rental properties all around the country are well-maintained and clean. You can enjoy the ocean as well as the mountains in Spring. Even if you think it may be too cold to go to the beach in March, the United States can offer you states that are heated and sunny all year round!