Hotels have been king for travel for as long as they’ve existed, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option we have!  Instead, more and more people are questioning this and are pushing for different ways to enjoy travel that doesn’t require a traditional hotel.

These are three other options you should consider, and why they make traditional hotels seem like a bad option!

Why Hotels Aren’t the Best

Hotels can be nice, but generally, they’re not the best for traveling.  These usually don’t keep the personality of wherever you’re traveling to.  They can feel impersonal and boring, and will leave you wishing you could experience more of the local culture instead of staying in hotels that brag about being the exact same regardless of where you are.

3 Overnight Options That Blow Away Traditional Hotels

That predictability can be nice sometimes, but when you’re traveling to experience something new, a hotel isn’t going to give you that.

Classic Bed and Breakfasts

Classic bed and breakfasts are exciting because they allow you to feel like you’re staying with friends or family while you’re traveling.  You get to sleep in a comfortable private room and then enjoy delicious fresh-cooked food in the morning.

These are usually in beautifully decorated homes that often have a historical twist and allow you to feel like you’re enjoying a little kitsch luxury during your travels.

3 Overnight Options That Blow Away Traditional Hotels

Private Vacation Rentals

Private vacation rentals are one of the most popular types of travel rentals in recent years, mostly because of the large range of types of homes and condos you can find available.

From AirBnbs with indoor pools to incredible little cabins tucked away in the woods, you’ll be able to enjoy feeling like you’re in your own place, without all of the corporate and impersonal feeling of the average hotel.

3 Overnight Options That Blow Away Traditional Hotels

The nice thing about vacation rentals is that many of them are themed around the area they’re in, and allow you to feel like you’re living like a local while you stay there.  They make it more affordable to travel where there’s plenty to see and do, and you can go back to your home base at any time to unwind.

RV Rentals

RV rentals have been making a huge comeback in recent years since people have become obsessed with the idea of road trips again.  Renting an RV gives you the chance to travel the country in a built-in hotel and enjoy spending your nights inside national parks, and near incredible landmarks, instead of being limited to the views the average hotel has to offer.

3 Overnight Options That Blow Away Traditional Hotels

These won’t save you any money, but you’re paying for the convenience of getting to stop and sleep anywhere without having to worry about picking up bedbugs.

You Deserve to Enjoy Traveling!

Whether you want to travel around the world or just a couple of cities away, you should be able to get the most out of your trip.  Consider pushing beyond the ordinary and boring hotels, and get to know the world through the eyes of a local, or by supporting small businesses like bed and breakfasts: you’ll have an even better time!