There are many cities in India that are not just rich in their existence but have terrific tourist destinations for traveling enthusiasts. If you love to go on trips and experience different places of world, go ahead and visit Kolkata. You can find plenty of destinations for your exploration in this city.

Once you are in this city, you can easily do Kolkata hotel booking. This way, there won’t be any worries related to your stay. Since the city witnesses a huge rush of visitors and tourists throughout the year; you can find plenty of hotels that are reasonable, luxurious and comfortable. Anyhow, before you make up your mind; excite yourself with a quick peep into some of the most exciting destinations of this ‘City of Palaces and Joy’.

The Writers’ Building

This building was served as the office for writers of British East India Company. It was housed the office of the Chief Minister of West Bengal as well. This construction is one of the chief land marks of this city of joy. You must visit this building enveloped in red and white shades. The design of this building is mesmeric and involving.

Kolkata: An apt Tourist Destination for you!

Image by Thessilian via Flickr

Victoria Memorial

This Victoria Memorial is one of the massive marble buildings in Kolkata. It is dedicated to memory of Queen Victoria. In contemporary time, Victoria Memorial is a museum and a popular tourist destination. It has a blend of British and Mughal elements architectural effect. This beautiful and charming memorial will leave you in the times of Victoria!

Kolkata: An apt Tourist Destination for you!

Marble Palace

Talking about Marble Palace, it is a private residence and one of the most elegant and best-preservedhouses in Calcutta. This residence is extremely popular for its marble floors and walls. Marble Palace has huge quantities of Western sculpture, paintings and Victorian furniture. You can experience the creativity and innovation of designers in this palace. Indeed, it is a treat to eyes.

Kolkata: An apt Tourist Destination for you!

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Birla Mandir

The magnificent and mesmeric Birla Mandir of Kolkata is constructed by the industrialist Birla family. This beautiful temple is built with white marble and sandstone. This shrine is dedicated to LordRadha Krishna and it is clearly one of the finest architectural charm and delight of the city. Thousands of visitors can be seen here throughout the year. You can experience rich spirituality and artistic charm at this place.

Kolkata: An apt Tourist Destination for you!

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National Library

The National Library of India is the biggest library in the country and it possesses a collection in excess of nearly 2.2 million books. This library has collected, disseminated and preserve printed material generated and produced in India. This place is nowhere boring because it has plenty of books that can be walked through!

Kolkata: An apt Tourist Destination for you!

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The St. Paul’s Cathedral

It is a united church and part of Anglican Communion. The building of this place is also the portion of a chief places in Kolkata. It is one of the most important spiritual sites in Kolkata. You can experience a rich artistic taste with Kolkata hotel booking & enjoy your trip. Thus, these were a few glimpse of this city of joy. If you are willing to explore the widespread pleasures of Kolkata; go ahead and pay a visit to this place.

Kolkata: An apt Tourist Destination for you!

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