When it comes to decorating your house, there are some rooms that play a key role. Chief among these is your living room. Not only will it be one place where you spend a lot of time relaxing in or watching TV, but it will also be one space that visitors will see the most. All this makes decorating your living room in the most stylish way essential.

The problem for some homeowners can be the budget they are working to – or the lack of it to be exact! If you are needing to revamp your living area with not much cash to splash, then do not despair. There are actually many inexpensive and super-cool ways to go about it.

Make your living room come alive

If you need some awesome tips on bringing your living room to life in a classy way without breaking the bank, then the below tips should help:


Perhaps the simplest and most affordable option is to apply some fresh paint to your living room walls. Over time, your old paint can get tired-looking and you can also get bored of it. Putting on new paint gives you the chance to revamp the current look you have and is easy enough for even novice homeowners to do. Even better, paint is pretty cheap!

Awesome Living Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Repurpose old furniture

Another great tip for adding some serious style to your living room without spending lots is to give old furniture a new lease of life. This may be simply something like recovering an armchair but could involve items not in the space currently. Old doors can be turned into coffee tables, for example – the only limit to what can be done is your imagination.

Awesome Living Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Create your own artwork

Most of the top interior designers will use artwork to inject some color and personality into a living room space. However, professional artwork can be expensive. To get the same look but at a fraction of the price, why not create your own to hang up? Blank canvases are cheap to buy, as is the paint to use – you may be no Da Vinci, but you will easily come up with something unique to show off.

Awesome Living Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Consider adding in affordable rugs

One of the key things to create in any living space is a cozy, relaxed feeling. A quick and easy way to do this is to add rugs to the floor space. This is a great trick for wooden floors, which can sometimes look hard or cold. There are loads of inexpensive rugs around now in a variety of styles that will look amazing when in place.

Awesome Living Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget


Another superb tip to decorate your lounge area on a budget is to use flowers. While they naturally need replacing every few weeks, they will still provide a cheap way to revamp the living room in your home. Not only do they add a real focal point and beautiful fragrance, but they also help to cleanse the air. A few vases filled with fresh, elegant flowers is an instant way to make your living room look fabulous on a budget.

Awesome Living Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Mirrors can really help

When it comes to decorating your living room on a budget, mirrors should not be discounted. While you can spend a lot on one, there are also some fantastic-looking mirrors to use that do not cost the Earth. Once you have one in your living room, you will love the extra feeling of space and light it offers when relaxing in there.

Awesome Living Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Shutters are key

All of the above are superb ways to add some inexpensive glamour to any home, but window shutters are the king. Many homeowners will use shutters for the elegant visual appeal they give to the room and the focal point they also deliver. They also offer lots in terms of practical features. Shutters are superb for controlling the amount of light that enters the living room, so it is always comfortable, and they are also good at helping to stop passersby peering in as they go past your home. Many people think that shutters are expensive, but this is simply not true. Modern window shutters are great value and come in a range of styles to suit any property.

Awesome Living Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Style does not have to be expensive

Very often, it can seem like getting the style you want on the budget you have is too tricky to pull off. This is not true, however, as the above tips show. When it comes to decorating your living room, it is often the small touches or pieces of eye-catching furniture that deliver the best results. If you are working to a budget, then it is perfectly possible to make your living room look awesome with a little creativity.