There is something about Delhi which is highly intriguing to the people who have never visited the city. There are certain elements about the city that cannot simply be shaken off and taken for granted which makes it all the more charming. This article talks about everything that makes the city charming and exciting even.

It is the dying dream of Indian who has not visit New Delhi to visit the city at least once. So what makes the city so special to bring out such strong sentiments behind it? Is it just the mere thought of visiting the ‘national capital’ once in their live? Or is there something more? And why do people who already visited the city keep on coming back for more? The answer to each of these may be different person to person but one thing is certain, Delhi is one city that does not cease to amaze any visitor. This holiday as you are planning to visit the city, take a note of some of the must dos in the city. Book your ticket prior to your trip to save money on your booking. There are flights running regularly from all major cities and you can easily check online the Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad to Delhi flights timings to book the flight as per your convenience and availability. Given below are a list of things that should be on the top of your to-do list in Delhi.

What makes New Delhi such a Charming City?

Brilliant sightseeing

Delhi is no stranger to being mentioned as one of the top sightseeing destinations in the world. There are numerous sites spread all across the city that makes up for a great tour. You do not require a tour guide as you can book a cab and pay a visit to all the sites either by asking your cab driver or by taking the help of google maps. For moving from North to South Delhi, you can always take the metro. Delhi metro is a convenient and fast way to get around the city. It is clean, fast and dependable.

What makes New Delhi such a Charming City?

Best shopping scene in the country

Delhi is the top shopping destination in the country. Its end of season sales in the shopping malls is the best in India and the street shopping, both in South and North Delhi are incomparable to anywhere else. People from all over the country fly to Delhi just to shop during the seasonal sales period or sometimes even on normal days when there are no sales. The choices are numerous and it has all the brands and designer wears you can expect to find.

What makes New Delhi such a Charming City?

The unmistakable and yummy street food

From street corners to entrance of the monument gates to the sidelines of busy traffic, street food is everywhere in Delhi. Although not the most hygienic choice of food available, it surely is yummy beyond words! You can choose to eat at outlets which have a proper kitchen and serve chaats. They will be two or three times the cost of what you will find off the streets but the cost is definitely worth paying as you do not want to risk spending your entire vacation in the hotel room feeling sick.

Pay a visit to Connaught Place and Old Delhi

Take the metro towards central Delhi and get off at Rajiv Chowk. Go up the exit stairs of the metro station and voila! Lying right in front of your eyes is Connaught Place or ‘CP’ as we like to call it. It has line of shops ranging from various brands and designer wears and if you fancy a night out drinking at a pub with good music and great ambience, this is the place to be. The drinks in the pubs here are half the rate of what you will find in south Delhi and the whole place has a great feel to it. If you are It is also often mentioned as a landmark in the context of how to reach Delhi as it lies very close to the New Delhi railway station.

What makes New Delhi such a Charming City?