The world is full of tourists, people who visit places, take pictures and brag or nag afterward. Travelers, on the other hand, are people who will visit the same places but will return home being grateful for the life-changing experience and with lasting memories of the extraordinary journey. Such people are open-minded and mindful of the places, people, and different cultures. A mindful traveler will treasure life anywhere, simply by being open to it and not harming the nature’s way. Here are some destinations and tips on how to elevate the travel experience as well as to enrich your life.

Rishikesh –  India

Truly inspiring and most enchanting place on Earth. Known as Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh stands on the foothill of Himalaya and represents the birthplace of transcendental meditation. If you practice yoga, there is no better place than to join the community and visit ashrams near the Ganges, the mystic river. Due to its spiritual practice and atmosphere, Rishikesh is meat and alcohol-free city but is also a vegetarian mecca, so there is no shortage of delicious food.

Mindful Traveling - 5 Travel Destinations That Will Enrich Your Life

Mount Sinai – Egypt

A site that brings together Jewish, Christian and Muslim pilgrims as well as nonbelievers who like to feast on beautiful landscapes. In the foothill of the Mount Sinai is Monastery of St. Catherine, one of the oldest orthodox monasteries dating back from the 6th century, a site worth seeing. To complete the spiritual quest, join the pilgrims in their walk uphill through the night to experience the sunrise by the time you reach the summit. Believer or not, this is a scenery that will leave you astonished and quiet for a while.

Mindful Traveling - 5 Travel Destinations That Will Enrich Your Life


Being a true traveler, know that this exotic Asian country will leave you breathless since it is a magnificent blending of all the features that one might ask for when traveling. Whether seeing remnants of ancient culture, looking for serenity in Buddhist temples or simply being blown away by the beauty of nature in numerous national parks, Thailand is a place to visit. Make this a smooth journey and check out 1000 Trees Hotel deals that offer cozy accommodation.

Mindful Traveling - 5 Travel Destinations That Will Enrich Your Life


A Caribbean piece of heaven is a perfect destination for nature lovers and those who wish to relax on beautiful secluded beaches. Tobago is home to the world’s oldest rainforest with abundant wildlife, while it is a great spot for birdwatchers. Don’t miss a chance to dive into the local culture and try traditional dish of Tobago, curried crab with dumplings.

Mindful Traveling - 5 Travel Destinations That Will Enrich Your Life

Costa Rica

The term ecotourism has become synonymous with Costa Rica since it is a place that aims for full sustainability and is full of eco-friendly hotels. Costa Rica is a country of rainforests, volcanoes, hot springs and long beaches. Locals are friendly and known to be one of the happiest people in the world. Also, Costa Rica has a rich national cuisine and is a grower of bananas, coffee, and chocolate. Visiting this country is a sure way to appreciate beauty and nature’s wonders, as well as advantages of simple life.

Mindful Traveling - 5 Travel Destinations That Will Enrich Your Life

Tips on mindfulness

Mindfulness is being humble before the miracles of the world while also being aware of how precious they are. Being caring and eco-friendly is the ultimate way of showing admiration and gratefulness so make sure to leave nothing behind but footprints. Not the carbon ones, of course. Consider traveling green, volunteering and supporting conservation organizations along the road. Connect with locals and buy local food, use homemade products and participate in local events. Experience the local vibe and contribute to the community in the way you can.

Mindful Traveling - 5 Travel Destinations That Will Enrich Your Life


Being a traveler means being respectful of the new surrounding and immersing yourself in the rhythm of life so different than your own. Also, it is all about seeing, feeling and being kind to nature and to people you come across. The world is a magical place that rewards the ones with the open mind and open eyes. The right mindset when traveling can get you far, both in miles and memories. Every trip you take is always a journey to your inner self, while each time there is more to see.